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Easter Explosion: Chocolate Bark Recipe

Blog, Food

Easter is almost upon us chicas and I couldn’t be more egg-cited (sorry!). Here is my second recipe in the run up to the celebration- simple chocolate bark, made occasion-appropriate with some pastel colouring and Mini Eggs (of course!).

TV Tuesdays: Sneaky Pete

Blog, Film

You know that hollow feeling when you finish your favourite TV show? Yup, I have that right now. It aches, you know? the obsession you had with a show and now it’s over, you kinda don’t know what to do with yourself… to ease my pain, I’ve basically been going around and telling everyone and anyone about my new fave show Sneaky Pete

Body Shaming

Blog, Lifestyle

Today I want to cover a more sensitive issue because recently I’ve been feeling so strongly about it. I follow the wonderful Callie Thorpe, and on Twitter last month she questioned why slimmer girls don’t call out the body shaming of larger women, and it got me thinking.

Recipe: Marshmallow Rice Krispie Nests

Blog, Food, Lifestyle

It’s almost Easter y’all ! I’m so excited and even though I’m on a health kick at the moment, I’m stoked about making my family some really sweet treats- this week I’ve gone for the classic Rice Krispie nests.

We Went to Harry Potter Studios!

Blog, Lifestyle, Vlogs

So over the past six months I thought I might get back into Youtube (and I warn you, I have NO clue what I’m doing) but I completely underestimated the time it takes to edit raw film. Omg so many scenes of me waffling, shaking the camera and swearing has lead to me putting off editing a lot of my vids for months- oops, *slaps hand*.

How to Style Tonal Looks

Blog, Fashion

Today I wanted to switch things up with a fashion styling post- I’m in no way some sort of authority on what to pair with what, but I want to give this one a bash as I love wearing head-to-toe shades.

Let’s Talk about Personal Shopper

Blog, Film

So Beauty and the Beast might have hit cinemas on Friday, but so did Personal Shopper; a French made film starring Kristen Stewart and I got the opportunity to attend a screening last week. 

Beauty and the Beast Events: What I’ve Been Up To

Blog, Disney, Fashion, Film

Can you believe Beauty and the Beast was FINALLY released yesterday?! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for a fresh slice of Disney magic and here it is! I was lucky enough to attend a few of Disney’s promotion events for work this month, and with the film’s release I just wanted to show you guys what I got up to.

On Body Confidence

Advice, Blog, Lifestyle

When it comes to issues with the body, there’s those good days and those bad days; you know? Body confidence and weight is something I’ve never really talked about on here, and that’s mainly because I always shy away from discussing my body and whether I’m happy with it- one day I’m like *BAM* holy shit I look good, and other days I feel bloated and ballooning.