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My New Years Resolutions

Blog, Lifestyle

New year, new me! Ah how cliche, huh? But seriously, I used to be soooo cynical about making targets for myself because I always just assumed I would never be able to achieve them, or that I’d never look back at them, but they’re such a good idea. Why has it taken my little brain so much time to realise that it’s such a good idea?! *slaps wrist* Enough is enough guys, after successes and failures with my resolutions last year, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this year’s challenges!

My 2017 Highlights

Blog, Lifestyle

As we enter the new year, it’s so easy to almost write off the past 12 months, with hopes the next year will be bigger and better. We’re all the same really, it’s kinda what we’re programmed to think – ‘onwards and upwards’, or ‘next year will be my year’.

Cruelty Free Beauty Gift Guide

Blog, Lifestyle

Since I made the cruelty-free leap over a year ago, I’ve found some truly amazing beauty brands. As a beauty blogger myself (or I try to be!) I can often find myself feeling a little lost in the sea of cosmetics, so recommendations from other like-minded beauty fiends mean a lot to me.

#miasmerryhexmas: Week One

Blog, Hair & Beauty

I can’t believe I’m already a week into my #miasmerryhexmas makeup journey! Since I decided to do these intense periods of posting back in October, I felt like I haven’t had much time to really reflect on what I’ve created – hence this blog post!

Festive Fun at Dreamland’s Frosted Fairgound

Blog, Lifestyle

Dreamland is fast becoming one of my favourite places to hang out (if you haven’t already realised from the stream of photographs I post to Instagram!) It’s aesthetics are nostalgic with a modern twist, and Margate paints the perfect picture of the traditional British seaside turned cool.

The Small Business Gift Guide

Blog, Lifestyle

There really is nothing like a traditional blogger gift guide is there? I love finding the best products to recommend, and  I wanted to add a unique twist by throwing the spotlight on small businesses and artists who I think deserve the limelight at this time (and all-year round for that matter!).

How to Prep for a Months-Worth of Blog Posts

Advice, Blog

From Blogtober to Blogmas, there’s always one challenge or another going on in the blogosphere. Ways to push our writing and creativity are fab and work wonders for our platforms, but for those of you that haven’t tried it before, you may be asking what’s involved, how do I get organised, and is it viable for me?

My Favourite Pamper Day Products

Blog, Hair & Beauty

While those that love summer aren’t enjoying the darkness that winter brings, I always see it as an opportunity for cosy nights-in, self-love days and mini pamper seshs! The temperature might be low, and the urge to sleep might be high, but I think this season is the perfect time to treaty yo’self, in the words of Tom Haverford (Parks & Rec, you feel me). Here are my favourite products I can’t live without when I’m taking time for myself.

Real Talk: Why I Wouldn’t Go Freelance

Advice, Blog, Lifestyle

I’ve really been umming and ahhing about creating a post about freelancing, but a few of you have requested that I talk about my experience so I wanted to outline the negatives and positives of my time freelancing, and why I’m back to working full time.

Dreamland’s Fiesta

Blog, Lifestyle

Saturday played host to Dreamland’s Fiesta to celebrate Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Set in the Hall, an indoor section of the theme park, UV sugar skulls made way for authentic street food and a tequila bar, and a mariachi band transported you to the streets of South America.