Halloween How to: Elsa Mars

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen that I’m SUPER hyped for the next season of American Horror Story (airing September 5th OMFG). I wanted to do my own little countdown with a celebration of some of my favourite characters from the former series’, this week is Elsa Mars.

5 of the Best Horrors Since 2015

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I’m so passionate about movies. They’re the most glorious form of escapism and I simply couldn’t live without them. My preferred genre has always been horror, but as many fans of these films will know, it’s often hard to sift through the mediocrity to find a hidden gem. Over the past year I’ve watched and been recommended a number of films, some of which have really impressed me so I wanted to share them with you! Let me know if you enjoyed them too, or have any others that would fit in with the list!

Make Up Look: Goth Doll

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After doing a wee poll on my Twitter, I took the leap and decided to talk a bit about beauty! I’ve never been overly confident with it, but I’ve always loved experimenting with make up so I’ve decided to start a series to talk about how I play around with different cosmetics. First up, a gothic doll look.