An Honest Review of Amsterdam: The Best and Worst (and Weirdest!) Things to Do

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Whenever I’m travelling somewhere new, the first thing I do once I’ve booked is read travel guides and I’m not going to lie, I often find travel blogger’s perspectives on places a lot more useful than larger sites . I’ve been to Amsterdam five times now and I have to say, I’ve ticked off a lot of bits that are on the ‘best things to do’ lists. I thought I would share with you my opinion on the best things to do, and the places/things to avoid on your stay!

How Not to Kill: Your Cactus

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So you went out to get groceries, all the essentials and a little plant baby caught your eye and you literally COULDN’T leave the shop without it. You carefully sandwich it between your food for the week to keep it upright, before transporting it home. Congratulations, you’re now officially a plant mumma! (welcome to da club)

9 Reasons Why I’m Over Summer and Ready for Autumn

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I know, I know, how can I be wishing summer away? Well I am- I’m sorry. If you follow me, you’ll know I’m an annoying promoter of Halloween all year round, but honestly, there’s nothing better than autumn for me. From the falling leaves, to the ripening of the crops, to the air feeling a whole lot fresher, here are the reasons why I’m ready for the new season.

Get to Know Me: The Liebster Blog Award

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Hey beauties! I was kindly nominated by Meg to take part in the Liebster Award so I couldn’t resist. If you’re not too sure how it works, it’s basically a chain of questions that helps you get to know some more awesome bloggers. Here are my answers to Meg’s questions below, and my nominations to carry on the chain!

The Ultimate Summer Freak Shake With Ribena

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Summer vibes are in full force and my God is the sun glorious! I was so excited when the guys at Ribena got in touch with me to challenge me to re-think my perceptions of the classic squash drink and create a brand new recipe. Who couldn’t resist a cheeky strawberry freak shake to enjoy in the sunshine? Read on for the full recipe, and accidental cat candids!

Read my Interview with Obby!

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So a little while back you might have seen the EPIC terrarium class I attended and wrote about on my blog– the folks over at Obby kindly invited me and to be honest I’ve been obsessing over which classes I want to try next! Since then, I met up with them and they interviewed me about my experience and I can’t wait to share it with you. You can read on below, and there’s a link to the original blog post at the bottom of the page.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Dreamland in Margate

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My quest for Instagram-worthy locations and love of theme parks brought me to the beautifully nostalgic Dreamland in Margate (Kent). Glitter roots applied and fave dress on, I headed to the coast last weekend to discover what all the buzz was about and it’s safe to say I loved it! Here are five reasons why you need to head down to Margate’s vintage amusement park.

How to Survive Your First Blogger Event

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So last Saturday little ol’ me jumped on a London-bound train. Next stop Farringdon, which played host to The Blogger’s Hub’s Summer Penthouse Party with Spectrum Brushes! Glitter, unicorns, doughnuts and make up galore awaited me- it was a fab day so thank you to The Blogger’s Hub for having me! Your first event can be a little nerve-wracking and I have to admit I was a little anxious as I was going alone- so for anyone who has an event coming up, or as looking to attend them in the future, here are my tips!