How to Make a Cemetarium

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If you know me and you’ve read my blog before, then you’ll know I’m a massive plant lover! I’ve recently been talking a lot about terrariums, and I really wanted to find a way to create a flora-themed ornament for Halloween- and there lies the birth of the cemetarium.

DIY: 3 No-Carve Pumpkin Designs

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Pumpkins are hands-down my favourite part of autumn… I mean, I named my cat after the vegetable FGS. I’m kind of over carving this year though. Messy, and just so goddamn hard for someone as weak as me, I’m opting for the no-carve method and I’m sharing with you three ways I customised mine!

My Halloween Wishlist

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How is it October already? Who knows. I feel like I wait forever each year for this month to come around, and before I know it, it’s gone. October is pretty much the perfect time for me to stock up on ‘all round clothing’

How Not to Kill: Your Succulent Terrarium

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So guys, I’m back with another instalment of ‘How not to Kill…’ and this week is all about terrariums! I’ve seen them grow in popularity recently and after making and maintaining my own, I wanted to pass on all the things I’ve learnt so far.

I Got Shadowbanned on Instagram: What You Can Do to Remove It

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Just when I thought I was tackling Instagram and creating a community in my following; it all crumbled. The shadow ban has crept up on a lot of us, and it’s stopped us from gaining exposure, with both likes and followers plummeting. So what is the shadow ban, how do you know it’s effected you, what you can do while you wait it out, and what are the best ways to try and lift it?

An Honest Review of Amsterdam: The Best and Worst (and Weirdest!) Things to Do

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Whenever I’m travelling somewhere new, the first thing I do once I’ve booked is read travel guides and I’m not going to lie, I often find travel blogger’s perspectives on places a lot more useful than larger sites . I’ve been to Amsterdam five times now and I have to say, I’ve ticked off a lot of bits that are on the ‘best things to do’ lists. I thought I would share with you my opinion on the best things to do, and the places/things to avoid on your stay!

How Not to Kill: Your Cactus

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So you went out to get groceries, all the essentials and a little plant baby caught your eye and you literally COULDN’T leave the shop without it. You carefully sandwich it between your food for the week to keep it upright, before transporting it home. Congratulations, you’re now officially a plant mumma! (welcome to da club)