Why Bloggers Should be Supporting Each Other

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I’ve been a part of the bloggersphere for a little while now, and with the recent outing of a number of people using bots and fake followers on their social media channels, I wanted to talk about the importance of support.

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It’s Okay to Be Fickle

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Working in retail, it’s commonly known that it’s important to know what your customer ‘looks like’. A style tribe if you will. That got me thinking recently about how you define your own style, and whether I wanted to really stick myself in a box, or want everyone else to define me as liking a certain style- what if you don’t feel like you fit into any particular box?

Insta Comparisons

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It’s pretty much impossible to go through life without comparing yourself to a single person, but in an age of social media when you only have to use your thumb to scroll and someone’s life is in front of you, it’s kinda hard not to second guess yourself.

On Body Confidence

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When it comes to issues with the body, there’s those good days and those bad days; you know? Body confidence and weight is something I’ve never really talked about on here, and that’s mainly because I always shy away from discussing my body and whether I’m happy with it- one day I’m like *BAM* holy shit I look good, and other days I feel bloated and ballooning.