I Got Shadowbanned on Instagram: What You Can Do to Remove It

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Just when I thought I was tackling Instagram and creating a community in my following; it all crumbled. The shadow ban has crept up on a lot of us, and it’s stopped us from gaining exposure, with both likes and followers plummeting. So what is the shadow ban, how do you know it’s effected you, what you can do while you wait it out, and what are the best ways to try and lift it?

No Blogger Friends, No Problem?

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As I sifted through some old blog posts looking for a couple of archive pieces to re-post on Twitter, I stumbled upon one of mine called ‘Blogger Friends vs Friends IRL’. I found myself reading it and even though it was only written a mere 5 months ago, I couldn’t disagree with what I was saying more.

7 Ways to Clean Up and Improve Your Blog

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We’ve all been there haven’t we? Scrolling aimlessly through our blogs, wondering how we can add new life to them… I had this recently, and decided instead of forking out for a brand new theme, I would give my website a little bit of a face lift with a wee clean up! Here are some tips and tricks I wanted to share with you as to how I cleaned up my blog.

How to Grow Your Instagram Account

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Wah, the dreaded ‘A’ word is about to come into play. That pesky algorithm has made it even harder for us bloggers to grow on Instagram and it can be SO annoying. I’m so surprised that I’ve gained almost 2,000 followers in the last two months, and I really wanted to share with you some of the methods I used to grow my account!

How to Limit Stress

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Stress is just a bummer isn’t it. It stops us in our tracks and can lead to bigger problems in our lives. Although I’m still learning about the best ways to cope with it, here is some advice for little things that make the world of difference.

Why You Deserve to be Part of the Blogging World

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So here I am, little ol’ me writing on my blog. It’s not a particularly big blog at all, and I’ll have to admit, I’ve never really thought about it going anywhere. Hell, I didn’t even realise the power of PR and promotion until this year. I’ve seen a number of tweets recently about others feeling a little deflated with their progress in the blogging world and combined with *cough* Sarah Ashcroft Gate *cough*  I thought I would put pen to paper so to speak, and voice my opinion on the blogging world and our individual place in it, along with those awful pressures.