How to: Halloween Nails

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I love me a fresh set of talons but to be honest, I’ve been really disappointed with the gel nails I’ve been getting at my local salons. I really wanted to create something super special for Halloween so I thought I would try my hand (geddit) at nail art! Here are two sets I created this month!

How to Make a Cemetarium

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If you know me and you’ve read my blog before, then you’ll know I’m a massive plant lover! I’ve recently been talking a lot about terrariums, and I really wanted to find a way to create a flora-themed ornament for Halloween- and there lies the birth of the cemetarium.

DIY: 3 No-Carve Pumpkin Designs

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Pumpkins are hands-down my favourite part of autumn… I mean, I named my cat after the vegetable FGS. I’m kind of over carving this year though. Messy, and just so goddamn hard for someone as weak as me, I’m opting for the no-carve method and I’m sharing with you three ways I customised mine!

10 Crime Docs to Watch This October

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Ah the crime documentary, there’s nothing quite like it is there? I’m a big fan of them and am always on the look out for a new one, or one I might have missed. Here are some of my favourite must-watch documentaries that are sure to give you the chills this October.