I Did Kayle’s Drag Make-Up!

Drag and Kat Von D Beauty are two things I’m incredible obsessed with, so when the makeup brand released their Divine palette, I died. I got my hands on the palette a day after it’s release and I couldn’t wait to play with the shades, particularly the blue and green (my faves right now for the eyelids). If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I posted my look earlier on in the year, but I also had the idea to drag Kayle up too! Something he was surprisingly into hehe! (I hope he’ll let me do it again some time).


Here’s the video of my look:

Drag Up Your Life
I think Kayle immediately regretted agreeing to me messing with his face – I’d left the lid off my Pritt Stick whilst doing my look, and by the time I got round to him, it was shrivelled up! I tried to revive it with water, but to not much avail. Bushy eyebrows plus a dodgy glue stick meant a drag disaster! But we kinda rescued it… I think!

The palette itself is wonderful, the white shade ‘female trouble’ is my go-to base for all my eye looks currently. For those a little wary of colour, the Divine palette helps ease you in with a soft yet striking blue ‘waters’, and the deep metallic ‘Baltimore’. ‘Pink Flamingos’ is of course my favourite though! Try it in the corners of the lids contrasted with ‘hard magic’ for a spooky and seductive look.


You can buy the Divine palette HERE.


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