Dreamland is fast becoming one of my favourite places to hang out (if you haven’t already realised from the stream of photographs I post to Instagram!) It’s aesthetics are nostalgic with a modern twist, and Margate paints the perfect picture of the traditional British seaside turned cool.frosted fairground 2

Starting on December 2nd and running right up until 3rd January, Dreamland is getting festive with a Frosted Fairground theme – I went along last weekend to check out the twinkling lights, skate somewhat clumsily across the ice, and tuck into some hot treats.

frosted fairground 9

frosted fairground 10

This time I headed to the park with my family and Kayle, which was a nice change. My parents were immediately struck by memories of fairground rides from their childhood rushing back. As we collected our wristbands, we all chatted excitedly about which attraction we would head to to start – but first, the ice rink.

frosted fairground 11

frosted fairground 4

Dreamland have constructed a temporary building that houses their little ice rink. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t miss the elbowing and scooting involved at a busy London counterpart – we were given an allotted time and could spend up to 45 minutes skating – plenty of time to fall over and embarrass yourself before learning to skate all over again. While my brother and I lent our rollerblading skills to the frozen ground, my parents clung to the sturdy walls of the rink, shimmying round and Kayle ended up being designated photographer, albeit a grumpy one.

frosted fairground 8

Afterwards we wandered back to the food court area, where the stage played host to a quartet playing some traditional Christmas music. Sipping on mint hot chocolate from the Little Green Box and covering my face in sticky candyfloss (thank you Naughty Floss!), I was ready for some of the rides.

frosted fairground 5

frosted fairground 6

The Scenic Railway (their rollercoaster), the dodgems, the waltzers and the mirror maze are amongst a few of the rides we went on. So many giggles, such a good time!

frosted fairground 3

frosted fairground 1

It wouldn’t be a trip to Dreamland without me filming the whole thing now would it?! Watch below for a little more insight into my day out – I couldn’t recommend the park more for families, or individuals looking for a slice of festive magic this month – it’s the perfect Christmas market alternative.

frosted fairground 7


Thank you as always to the wonderful Dreamland, who supplied my family and I with wristbands.


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