What happened when I let my boyfriend loose on my face?! You’re about to find out!


I love the ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup’ tags that go around on Youtube, and when I approached Kayle about it he seemed to be up for it. Watch the HILAR video below to see what we got up to and the look he created- plus several insults flying around!


He’s reaaaaally artistic, and I mean like, stupidly so, and this is probably why I should quit while I’m ahead basically! I LOVE the new school zombie look he created, with a few humble Lime Crime velvetine lipsticks and a whole load of skill. I mean, THIS WAS HIS FIRST TIME PUTTING MAKEUP ON. WTF.

bf does makeup 1

bf does makeup 9

bf does makeup 3

I really want to do other bits with him in the future, and if you want to see more from us as a pair, let me know in the comments as this was way too fun to film and create. I’m currently working on getting him to allow me to paint his face, but the closest I’ve come so far was him allowing me to apply minimal glitter to his beard last Christmas, sigh.

bf does makeup 7

bf does makeup 6

bf does makeup 11

bf does makeup 2

What do you think of his first attempt?!

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