How is it October already? Who knows. I feel like I wait forever each year for this month to come around, and before I know it, it’s gone. October is pretty much the perfect time for me to stock up on ‘all round clothing’ hehe, and I’m loving what some of the stores are bringing out clothing wise this Halloween. It might not compare to the vast variety of choice they have in the US, but I do feel like Halloween is getting bigger each year over here and that makes me feel super happy!

Below are some clothing and homeware picks I’ve found that I’m loving recently- I’ve linked to them too so you can find them super easily! From Pretty Little Thing to Killstar and Public Desire, here is everything I want to get my spooky little hands on this month…


halloween wishlist

ABOVE: Red Unitard- Pretty Little Thing // Decorative Skull Bottle – TK Maxx // Marilyn Manson Tunic – Killstar // Spider Print Flares- Pretty Little Thing // Witches Potion Cup- Killstar // Glitter Pumpkin Socks – New Look // Paper Glasses- Pretty Little Thing // Stay Weird Tee- Pretty Little Thing // Orange Patent Boots- Public Desire // Clown Tee – Pretty Little Thing

What’s on your wishlist this October??
** Found these cute illustrations on Pinterest and couldn’t find the artist to credit so here’s link to the full image.


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