Body Shaming

Today I want to cover a more sensitive issue because recently I’ve been feeling so strongly about it. I follow the wonderful Callie Thorpe, and on Twitter last month she questioned why slimmer girls don’t call out the body shaming of larger women, and it got me thinking.

Empowerment and beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, so surely we should all support each other? To me, how you look doesn’t define your beauty, it’s how you hold yourself, how you feel about yourself- it emanates from within and it makes me feel so sad that because a scale says you’re a little heavier, other people think they have the right to define who you are as a person- it makes me rage inside.

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I would hate to think that people would treat me differently because of a difference in weight- I’m so blase about how I look- I couldn’t care less (I’d rather eat the chicken burger), but what if someone went out of their way to target me on the internet, what if someone sent me threatening, abusive messages that questioned my confidence? It’s pretty hard to escape someone if they’re hounding you with abuse that flows straight to your phone through social media channels.

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Let’s take the fashion industry for example and a quote from Kate Moss; who has never been more wrong with the statement “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”- what does she know? What does the fashion industry know about what a woman should look like? Why are they the ones defining us? Skinny ladies AND curvy ladies and everyone in between should both feel amazing about themselves because they are, well, amazing. There should be a spectrum of women representing us- how dare anyone judge us against the unrealistic standards the media and industry set? How dare you tell someone they’re too bony, their legs are too big, their stomach isn’t flat enough, they’ve put on too much weight or they don’t look feminine enough.

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I wanted to make this post as a declaration that I’m with all the ladies; no matter what you look like, or how the seemingly warped world may view you, I see you and you’re beautiful. I’ve met so many amazing and powerful women through the world of blogging and in my personal life and I’m constantly astounded by what they can achieve and who they are today.

Don’t stop doing what you’re doing ladies.

PS: I wanted something fashion related to go with my text and after finding this H&M tee I was desperate to take a few pics to go with this. That darn winter light makes my images nowhere near HD but pfft.

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  1. March 28, 2017 / 12:24 pm

    You go girl!!! Since I took control of my own body a year ago and started eating better and exercising, I’ve never felt so confident as I do now and it’s not because of how I look, but it’s how it’s making me feel that’s the best bit! Working on myself for myself and not for anything or anyone else!

    Great post as always 🙂

    Laura //

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