Fashion on Film: Personal Shopper

Sartorial symbols in film play a powerful part, none more so than Oliver Assayas’ Personal Shopper, a psychological thriller with Kristen Stewart at the helm. The movie explores the life of an American in Paris who is embroiled in the underworld of high fashion, while struggling to cope with her twin brother’s death. From the glistening beads of couture gowns, to the scuffed trainers of Stewart’s character Maureen, we explore what her clothes say about her. 

The Sporting Shirt

Maureen is a brooding introvert whose purpose in Paris is to bring closure to the death of her twin brother who died in the city. Whilst she is there, we follow her life as a personal shopper for high profile celebrity Kyra. Her sporting shirt emits a thrown on vibe, and she compliments it with an unstructured lob and barely there make up. 

The Understated Knit

Stewart’s brooding character might be understated, but she knows how to put an outfit together. Her days are perpetually filled with practical outfits with a real worn feel – her knitwear the only thing that emanates colour. Sling on some pumps, black skinnies and a patterned jumper for an effortless off-duty look like hers. 

The Grunge Jacket

Seen frantically zipping around Paris to pick up pieces for Kyra calls for a jacket made for riding. Her biker serves her well throughout the movie, perfectly contrasted with a pair of vibrant mustard gloves for that hint of sartorial savvy. 

The Stand Alone Piece

I think we’ve all dreamed of trying on an expensive dress we couldn’t afford, and when Maureen gets the opportunity in Personal Shopper, it transforms her look. Glistening beads and intricate sequins shimmer and shine on the assistant, who slicks back her hair to compliment the look. 

Personal Shopper is in cinemas from Friday 17th. 

Photo Credit: Carole Bethuel via Icon Films

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