8 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Men

It’s almost the end of October, and although you may be enjoying the falling leaves and the extra sweets, you might have pushed the impending Halloween bash at the end of the week to the back of your mind. Panicking at the last minute? No fear, as we have you covered with some super easy costume solutions anyone can pull off. 

Richie Tenenbaum

The Character: A dysfunctional family never looked so stylish with Wes Anderson’s Richie Tenenbaum as the hapless tennis star wears an embodiment of his conflicting life. 
The Look: Think camel suits with sweatbands, structured luggage with sporting polo shirts, and don’t forget the pet falcon.

Patrick Bateman

The Character: Wall Street investor Patrick Bateman is suave, charming and a complete psychopath. 
The Look: The navy suit and matching red tie is a must-have for his 80s office attire- finish with a transparent rain mac to complete his deranged look.

A Mime

The Character: A traditional theatre technique to symbolise actions and emotions, a mime is perfect for a last minute monochromatic look. 
The Look: Think liquorice-lined roll necks and a pair of black skinny jeans, complete with a beanie hat if you don’t fancy wearing a beret. 

Indiana Jones

The Character: The ultimate archaeologist  and all-round cult icon, Indiana Jones is a failsafe for action/adventure fans.
The Look: Keep to a palette range of anything from stone to tan, being sure to finish your outfit with a brown jacket and that famous fedora. 

Marty McFly

The Character: Time-travelling Marty McFly of the Back to the Future series is a loveable hero with a penchant for layering.
The Look: Grab a check shirt and double up on bleached denim for a retro feel. Don’t forget to finish with a pair of crisp trainers and a gilet. 

Walter White

The Character: Former chemist Walter White turns down a dark path when he is diagnosed with incurable cancer in TV phenomenon Breaking Bad. 
The Look: Walter White’s wardrobe lends itself to simplicity. Think light chinos, check shirts and trench coats (pork pie hat optional). 

Lloyd Dobler

The Character: Say Anything’s Lloyd Dobler is an average student with a huge crush on his classmate and valedictorian Diane Court. 
The Look: A simple look from head to toe, re-create his costume with a camel coat layered over a plain white tee and joggers. 

The Terminator

The Character: Eternally cool and always there to save the day (apart from the first movie instalment, obviously), The Terminator is one of Hollywood’s toughest characters to date. 
The Look: Robots have never looked so rock ‘n’ roll as Arnie’s character layers up in all black, finishing with a leather jacket and signature shades. 

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