When it comes to iconic style in entertainment, the small screen has traditionally been  overlooked. However  with the exponential trend  in boxset-bingeing, a whole new calibre of television has arrived, and boy is it stylish. From the criminal underground of Narcos to the political underbelly of House of Cards, here are seven shows to take style cues from this season. 


The Setting: Taking place in Columbia during the 70s, infamous criminal Pablo Escobar cuts a powerful figure.  Whether it’s escaping from prison, kidnapping civilians or selling illegal goods, the first season of this crime thriller is packed with action. 
The Style: With Cuban-collared shirts aplenty, Escobar isn’t afraid of prints and patterns and often opts for a slim line polo shirt. 

Stranger Things

The Setting: Causing a stir over the past couple of months, Netflix’s Stranger Things is a certified small-screen phenomenon. Calling on your favourite 80s sci-fi references, the first season’s success not only lies in it’s Spielberg and Stephen King nostalgia, but it’s retro wardrobe too.
The Style:  While the younger members of the cast took style cues from Saved By The Bell, the police officers and Chief Hopper sold us structured tailoring in tonal colours. 

Sons of Anarchy

The Setting: Making redneck biker gangs look effortlessly cool, Sons of Anarchy sees Jax Teller in the backdrop of the Californian valleys as he questions his loyalty towards the increasingly lawless motorcycle club he is a member of.
The Style: Fusing Cali cool with Hells Angels grunge, Teller moulds his wardrobe from a number of influences. Layering leather gilets over tees and lumberjack-style shirts, his hair screams Kurt Cobain rebellion and his denim stays relaxed for a laidback feel. 


The Setting: Divorced English teacher Jake Epping’s life is turned around when he stumbles upon a time portal that takes him back to 1958, where he sets out to prevent the assassination of John F Kennedy.   
The Style: On the cusp of the 60s, 11.22.63 is set in a time when fashion began to loosen it’s belt slightly. While the beginning of the season sees Epping in boxy suits and felt hats, later episodes called for an experimentation with fabrics and outfit combinations- think structured shirts with velvet bombers and unbuttoned cotton shirts exposing white vests. 

Mr Robot

The Setting: Anti-social youth and genius computer programmer Elliot is a security engineer by day, hacker by night. 
The Style: Just like his incognito side job, Elliot’s guise is equally hermetical. Drawing on current trends he is seldom seen without his zip-up hoodie, loose-fitting chinos and sleek black trainers. 

Bates Motel

The Setting: Following the death of her husband, Norma Bates decides to move to the picturesque town of White Pine Bay in Oregon with her son Norman. Based on 60s horror classic Psycho, Bates Motel is an aesthetically-pleasing prequel with all the eeriness of the original.
The Style: A certified melting pot of period dressing from the 30s to the 60s, Norman’s wardrobe is styled as if he is dressed by his own mother. All-American checked shirts make way for juvenile structures as his normcore look does everything but make him blend in at school. 

House of Cards

The Setting: Frank Underwood is just your standard, murderous and revengeful politician, working in the heart of Washington D.C. Concocting an elaborate plan to work his way into powerful positions, Underwood enlists the help of his wife to manipulate his way up the political ladder.  
The Style: Power dressing is key for Underwood, with stern suits at the top of his list. Safe navy colours with unassuming ties make way for subtle wristwatches for a look that tricks his opponents into thinking he’s not a threat. Little do they know…

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