House of Holland Resort16 Wishlist

Every season, House of Holland’s vibrant collections grow in terms of strength and identity, proud to playfully experiment with colours and textures. Resort 16 is bursting with tropical accents, a collection inspired by Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. An ode to their covetable new season, I’ve compiled a wishlist of my favourite pieces- a girl can dream right?

henryholland-wishlist (1)

Laying the foundations with retro-inspired double denim, modern elements shine through in rich embroidery and faux fur trims. Hot pink shirts are decorated by fiery red cacti and animal print boots are accompanied by equatorial features. Pulling the pink and blue outfit together are the buttery yellow elements of the faux fur, finished in an animal print textured bag and those signature aviators Johnny Depp made famous in the film adaptation of Thompson’s book.

house of holland 1



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