Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: A Modern Makeover

The perfect modernisation of the novel Pride & Prejudice, Seth Grahame-Smith’s adaptation sees England rife with the undead as the Bennet sisters battle to save themselves.
Released in cinemas this week, we review the movie and delve into the classic costumes that have been given a thoroughly modern makeover.


Transforming the classic, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a comically graphic movie which sees the plot of an undead infestation perfectly intertwine itself with the famous Austen tale. With London encircled by a zombie-proofed wall and society taking up martial arts as a form of defense, the Bennet sisters struggle with the same pressure from their mother to marry amidst the influx of the undead and impending doom. In light of Mr Bennet’s line “my daughters were trained for battle, not for the kitchen”, the film sees the five protagonists handle zombie attacks with effortless nonchalance while attempting to woo the likes of Mr Bingley (Douglas Booth), Parson Collins (Matt Smith), Mr Wickham (Jack Huston) and the ever-curt and charmless Mr Darcy (Sam Riley). An escapist experience that mashes an appreciation for Austen with an affection for horror, it’s mixture of violence and romance makes it the perfect pick for a Valentine’s date night.




Worn across the body and made from the finest leather, the Bennet sisters accessorised with scabbards for their swords. Whoever thought a holder would compliment a gown so perfectly?




With a modern approach to the floor-length dress, Elizabeth Bennet (Lily James) modelled the practical side-split, ideal for fighting off pesky zombies.



Forget Taylor Swift and her gang, this month’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies premiere saw the stars of the film giving us major squad goals. Dressed in ankle-skimming gowns, the beauties showcased a powerful variety of trends prevalent this spring, from 3D florals to two piece stripes.



Publication New Look
Date 10/2/2016
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