Prepare Your Garden For Summer

Summer time is almost here and it’s time to get your garden ready for the warm weather! Here are our tips on the best ways to prepare.

General maintenance
Just like your classic spring clean of the house, it’s time to dust off those gardening gloves and spruce up your outdoor space after it has been worn by months of bitter winter weather. The best place to start is your fencing and decking, which both need to be cleaned and stained/restored to ensure a long lifespan.

With wooden fence panels, repair any parts that may have been damaged through rotting or splitting, a job that could only take a few hours but ensures the wood will last for years. Following this, stain and seal the wood to guard it from the elements, while also leaving a hint of colour to give the fence a look that is more aesthetically appealing.

During winter, decking is prone to a build up of moss, mould and algae so cleaning it with a stiff brush or pressure hose and leave a day before adding a rescue paint. The product not only protects, but also gives your decking a revitalised look, ready for the summer ahead.


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Add Your Focal Point

A decorative focal point as well as being a functional feature, fire pits and brick barbeques can be a breath-taking addition to your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a cosy open hearth or an inexpensive brick structure, create a special place for family and friends to gather and enjoy your garden in the summer months.


Add Seating and Shade

Once you have found a focal point that suits your uses, it’s time to create a comfortable space to relax in. Shade is vital in those summer months, and can even provide some shelter from the unpredictable English weather!

image3Made from the finest treated timber, gazebos really can really enhance your outdoor space. Customise the colour with wood treatments and encourage plant growth with creeping foliage to make your outdoor outpost come to life!

Bring people together with a beautifully crafted garden table- from picnics, to barbeques to a coffee at breakfast, make your garden your dining room this summer.

Publication Alsford Timber
Date              1/6/2016
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