Violet Contact Lenses Review

I love to change up my look (and if you know me, you’ll know I’m forever changing my hair colour) but recently I’ve been super into coloured contact lenses- it’s the most simple way to change your whole look and I’m obsessed, although I had a bit of difficulty trying to find a reliable store- which is where comes in!

After previously using a pair from Crazy Lenses Now- I loved the colour of my eyes, but they irritated them and made them slightly blurry (which is a huge indication to take them out) kindly gifted me a pair of violet lenses which were AH-MAZING. Today I want to talk about the packaging, what you get inside, the product itself and my review of their violet contacts.

The Packaging

I received my package in super quick time after ordering, with the guys giving me my lenses with a holder for them and a bottle of solution, all in a neat little box with some instructions.


I chose the violet shade as I love anything a little bit quirky, but in fact, I found that the light colour didn’t show up as vivid on my green eyes. I would say if you are looking to bring out the purple having light blue eyes will take to this best. Mine were in -0.00 as they weren’t prescription; I only need glasses for looking at screens and knew I wouldn’t be wearing these for long periods in front of a computer.


The Product

I am so glad both lenses came with a holder (the green and white plastic packet you see below) as my first pair from another website came in two small glass vials which were a pain to get out. The solution is also perfect as you must replace the liquid in the lenses holder each time you use them (leaving the holder to dry in between).



How to Apply and My Review

Although the colour wasn’t exactly how I thought I would come out, boy do I love these lenses. They are super easy to apply, so comfortable to wear, and it’s so easy to forget you’ve even got them in.

Here is a picture of me with one in, just to compare the colour to my natural eye colour (on the right is my natural colour, on the right is contacts)


So as you can see, it’s more of a pale blue/grey than a violet, but I think it’s only just because of how green my eyes are. Either way I love them! Here is a link to all their coloured lenses >


Tips on applying your lenses

  • Never apply your make up before putting on your lenses- this will make them dirty and some debris could get caught underneath the lens making it very uncomfortable. Not to mention it would just smudge the make up you already had on so…
  • Train your eyes to get used to the lenses, so only wear for half an hour/ an hour on your first time, and increase every time you wear them.
  • If you’ve applied your lenses but they aren’t sitting right, avoid rubbing your eyes, instead close your eye and gently rub your eyelid in circles using your index finger a couple of times.
  • If you feel slight irritation, or blurring at all, take your lenses OUT.


Please note: These contact lenses were gifted to me by, however the views are honest and entirely my own. 


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