My Disney x Halloween Christmas Tree

Christmas is famed for it’s personal meaning to each individual; we all have our own special traditions and it means something a little different to each of us. Since living away from home, I decided my own Christmas tree would embody the things that I love; namely Halloween, and Disney! For today’s Blogmas post, I’m sharing with you my tree progress, my decorations and my ornaments to accompany it. Later on in the month I will be making my own baubles to go on tree, so excuse it’s slightly empty aesthetic at the moment!

My Tree

We bought our tree last year from Amazon for around £20 which is pretty good value. I love it’s appearance, with black branches packed full of glitter, although there can be quite a bit that comes of on your hands so be prepared to hoover up after you’ve set your tree up.


My Baubles

Disney fans will know that being a fan can become an expensive hobby, and last year after splashing out on a number of official baubles, I’ve decided to make my own this year (they will hopefully be Nightmare Before Christmas themed!)

Some of the ones below were from Disney Store’s in the UK and US, as well as Disneyland Paris- the cute thing about these is they often have the year they were made engraved on them, so you can tell how old each ornament is. You can shop Disney store’s official baubles here> 



I also have some retro-themed Star Wars baubles and because Kayle and I are big fans of Tangled, we couldn’t resist getting Rapunzel and a separate Pascal- doesn’t that dress suit him?!




Below the tree we’ve already been busy and got our gifting together (yay!)- I found this adorable reindeer piglet paper in New Look with matching tags for just £1.99- the paper is brilliant quality, I really recommend it.



As a little bit of decoration below the tree, I added my china Nightmare Before Christmas-themed bits, stuffing them with Halloween-esque shredded paper, with the other side seeing my pumpkin (still going since Halloween, thank god for this flat’s draft) and one of my Halloween-themed mason jars filled with pumpkin lights to off-set the white of the tree illuminations.


My cobweb coverage isn’t complete yet as I’m waiting to add the other baubles, but I can say it really helps keep all the baubles in place, especially when you’re cheeky cat is trying to knock them down!



Which baubles mean a lot to you on your tree? 


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