The Co-op Sent Me a Halloween Food Box

What could make Halloween better than it already is?! A food box from the Co-op, that’s what! I was so thrilled when they got in touch and sent me a ‘local shop of horrors’ food package with all the essentials for a weekend filled with Halloween treats. Along with the delectable goodies came a small recipe book with all the info I needed to make the treats!

Watch the unboxing below for all the info on what I received and below I have all the details on my favourite recipe, the Spooky Toothy S’Mores.


Benjamin Bones

This was made from a brownie mix as the base, and I used the mallow bones as Benji’s body and the skull lolly for his head. How pretty is he?!



Zombie Eggheads

Om nom! A scare-filled breakfast here… Soft boiled eggs and sword-shaped toast, topped off with red food colouring made the perfect Halloween-style start to the day.



Spooky Toothy S’Mores


You will need:

Triple Chocolate Cookies
Strawberry or Raspberry Jam


How to make:
1. Heat the grill to the highest setting, then lay out your cookies on a baking tray and spread with jam. Top with mini marshmallows, slotting liquorice in between.

2.  Place cookies under the grill under marshmallows have turned golden

3. Spread the other cookies with jam and place on top of the toasted marshmallows.





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