Cruelty-Free Focus: Stila Cosmetics

Since I started playing with makeup almost four years ago, making sure everything I used was cruelty-free was super important to me. I’ve built up a collection of reliable products and brands I can really get behind ethically, so now that I have a little more time I wanted to get going on a ‘cruelty-free focus’ series of posts! First up is Stila.

Stila Cosmetics

About Stila

Stila Cosmetics was founded in 1994 by legendary makeup artist Jeanine Lobell (we love to support a female CEO!), and the brand has held an indie status for over 20 years. The word ‘Stila’ is said to come from the Italian word ‘stilare’, which means to pen or draft, which explains their ethos of striving to improve their products year after year.

What Makes Stila Ethical?

The most important part is of course, what qualities Stila has that makes them ethical. In 2016, it was confirmed that Stila pulled out of selling their products in China and stopped testing on animals. They were given cruelty-free status by PETA at the beginning of 2017 and since then have said that they also don’t ship to any countries that test on animals.

Wearing: Beauty Boss Lip Gloss in Strategy, Hide and Chic Foundation in Light 1 and double dip suede shade in ‘mint julep’

As much as I love brands who begin and carry on their journey being cruelty-free, I do really applaud brands like this who make the decision to stop selling in China and become cruelty-free. It’s something the brand needs to shout out more I think.

Last season I went to a talk-through of their latest products where I found out some awesome things about the ingredients they use. There are a lot of natural ingredients used (for instance plant collagen, Irish sea moss and baobab extract in their Hide and Chic Foundation, or other products which contain their Bio-Available Mineral Complex™, a cocktail of 15 bio-available antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Wearing double dip suede shade and glitter and glow in ‘mint julep’ with huge mascara

What Makes Stila Stand Out?

  • I did a little digging and I found out that their lip glaze (which is basically the equivalent to this year’s Beauty Boss Lip Gloss) was created just for Cameron Diaz’s character in Charlie’s Angels (2000)!
  • Lobell said that Stila were the first to create cream lip and cheek compacts
2020 summer collection
  • While a lot of brands tend to market their products as having one use, Stila have been showing the versatility of their products for a while. Products like their cheek and lip combos, their highlighter as eyeshadow and vice versa… this brand loves to show that the possibilites are endless!

Stila Essentials

This bit was super easy to write for me, because Stila are really good at highlighting their ‘bestsellers’. I’m going to recommend the products I’ve tried and tested though as I know most about them.

  • Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
    I’m so fussy when it comes to eyeliner, and I’m always looking for a liquid liner with a super thin tip that produces a nice dark line I can shape however I want. The Stay All Day liner is great for this! If you’re wearing it for a prolonged amount of hours, I also recommend sealing it with translucent powder too.
  • One Step Correct
    One thing I’m weak at when it comes to face makeup is colour correction, I’m super lazy at it. I do have slightly pink undertones, but I don’t really need to think too hard about that, I just stick on some One Step Correct because it combines colour correcting with a primer and a brightener too. Also the cute packaging earns it double points for me…
Hide and Chic Foundation with Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in ‘patina’
  • Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
    I think these lipsticks are my go-to. They apply like a dream and they last all day and the shades are to.die.for. I can’t recommend them more highly! My favourite shades are ‘patina’ ( a dull rose), ‘beso’ (a brilliant red) and ‘rubino’ (a bold brown).
  • Huge Extreme Lash Mascara
    I’m so fussy when it comes to mascara, as I’m often really disappointed with the wands, or the formula. I have very small lashes so I’m looking for a big impact and as the name suggests, this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s bold, black and very long wearing, I couldn’t recommend it enough!
HUGE Mascara

Stila’s New Season Must-Haves

I was lucky enough to have been sent some of the latest products Stila added to their summer collection! Here are my favourites:

  • Road Less Traveled Eyeshadow Palette
    If you’re all about metallics, this wee palette is for you. There’s eight shimmering shades, from gold to earthy green and the pigments pack a punch.
Road Less Traveled palette
  • Double Dip Suede Shade & Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow
    I was so excited when I got sent this duo. DREAMY! The duo is basically two pots of liquid eyeshadow, a smooth matte and a sparkling metallic, so you can combine or just use one at a time. I got ‘mint julep’ which is this really juicy green but there are some stunning shades (the yellow and the blue look incredible). These are great if you love playing with colour and texture.
  • Complete Harmony Lip and Cheek Stick
    I mentioned earlier that Stila were said to be one of the first to produce combos like this, and I really love the idea of having one product to chuck in your handbag and go. Swipe it across the cheeks and the lips for an instant uplift to a no makeup makeup look!
Lip and cheek stain in ‘sheer petunia’
  • Beauty Boss Lip Gloss
    Lip gloss is well and truly back isn’t it? I’m so excited for it, especially with summer around the corner – the lips look just that little bit better with a slick of gloss and Stila’s latest offerings come in beautifully iridescent shades. My favourite is ‘strategy’, the perfect nude, but ‘white space’ and ‘blue sky’ are super exciting.
Beauty Boss Lip Gloss in ‘strategy’

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