My Experience with Lip Fillers

Back in November, I got a procedure done that frankly, I’ve wanted for forever. I’ve always been a little unhappy with my lips, and had been open to the idea of fillers. When I got approached by the lovely people at White Swan Aesthetics, I jumped at the chance to try something I’ve always wanted to do… and I LOVED IT! Being self-conscious about a part of your body or your face is the worst, and sometimes the smallest tweak can make you feel miles better – for me, augmenting my lips gave me that boost I needed.

Please Note: I feel like I have to write this disclaimer because well, I don’t want to be seen to be influencing y’all! The procedure was my choice, and it isn’t me saying I love big pouts, or think thin lips are awful – I did this for me, and to try something (cos YOLO) and if it makes you feel better about yourself, then go for it! Physical procedures aren’t for everyone, so please don’t take any of my words out of context!

What to Do Before Making Your Appointment
My first piece of advice for you, is to take the procedure seriously. It might be quick and easy, but you need to make sure you’ll be happy with the process, you’re aware of the complications that could arise, and you’re getting someone you’re comfortable with to carry it out.


Before I even started communication with my clinic, I did a tonne of research. From what goes into your lips, to the side effects, how long it lasts and how much it hurts – these were all factors I heavily considered before going ahead. All of these questions are answered in my video below, as well as my FAQs further down, so have a little scroll!

My Experience
I honestly can’t speak any more highly of my experience with White Swan Aesthetics. After initial email contact, I had a phone call with Dr Imogen Bexfield who reassured me the procedure would be quick and easy. I was swiftly booked in, and I chose to have an evening appointment on a Tuesday, but I was SO nervous I’d look like a baboon’s butt the next day at work! I don’t think there was anything to worry about however, as although I saw the swelling, no-one at work or my family at home noticed anything.



Do dermal fillers hurt?
IT DEPENDS (mine didn’t) – is the easy answer! I had researched this before, and the factors depend on: who is carrying out the procedure, what they’re using to numb the area, and how your body reacts to it.


I’d watched countless videos of it online before having it done, and most places used numbing cream, which people said was a little patchy so some areas weren’t completely numb – I can’t accurately speak for the numbing cream method as I didn’t have that – but I would just make sure you feel absolutely NO sensation around the area and you should be fine. Dr Imogen Bexfield is also a dentist, and in fact injected my gums which was amazing as the whole area was numb within a few minutes, and I felt no pain throughout the procedure!

Of course I can’t speak for your experience, but I can honestly say this method seems like the best one because let’s face it guys, you’re getting a needle in the lips…


How much did you have injected, and what was injected?
This is probably my favourite part to talk about! As I’d never had anything like this done before, my biggest question was what is actually being pumped into my lip? In my case, it was hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is found in your body. It’s usually located in the fluid surrounding your eyes, in some cartilage and joint fluids, and also skin tissue. The substance is now being reformulated into injectable fillers.


In terms of the volume, the typical measurements you’ll get them in are one millilitre – I only had 0.6 as I felt like that was enough (at least for the first sesh, wink wink!). If you’re struggling to see a millilitre in your head, it’s basically less than a teaspoon. Dr Imogen was amazing with asking me which parts of the lip I wanted to accentuate most, and how much I thought was enough, with regular checks in the mirror – it was all tailored to my needs.

What was the recovery like?
Like I said above, I actually went to have my appointment on a Tuesday night, so I had another half week at work during recovery. I’d watched a bunch of Youtube videos, and every single person seemed to have had the luxury to either take time off, or they worked freelance so could hide from the world post-procedure.



I did not, and as you’ll see from the vid, I most definitely went into work. I’ve said this before, but honestly I think I was the only one who reaaaally noticed a difference. My family said nothing, no-one commented on any of my Insta posts – the swelling wasn’t too bad, it kinda just made everything go a little tighter, so talking felt weird for the first 12 hours, but that was about it.

I think it took about two weeks to settle down, but it felt comfortable after day two or three. I found my lips were very dry for the first week, so keeping them hydrated was key– Egyptian Magic was perfect for that. I also got some mild bruising, but this occurred on the underside of my lip so wasn’t visible – there’s a visual of all of this in my video embedded. One of the side effects I read was actually acne, and I noticed my skin was very dry and very spotty for a few days afterwards, but after that it cleared – I get spots with changes in my diet anyway, so that might not have actually been a side effect, just wanted to mention it!


PLEASE NOTE:  This is MY individual experience, and how you fare may be completely different. My body reacts a lot to trauma, so I feel like I was more swollen than the average person and even that wasn’t bad. Saying that, please take my reactions to this with a pinch of salt, and read up on the side effects carefully.

How long does the process last, and how long do the fillers last?
After my initial phonecall, I booked my appointment and arrived there on a Tuesday evening. I was given a form to fill in, and another to sign that just told me all about the procedure, and any side effects that could occur. Once I was happy, I met with the lovely Dr Imogen Bexfield and sat down to talk about what she would be doing, and she also asked me what I wanted to achieve. This was about 15-20 minutes, and then following that, the numbing injections were applied. Five minutes later, injection time! This took about 5-10 mins, so a total of half an hour for the whole procedure.


The filler I had lasts between 6-9 months, I’ve had mine now for almost six months and they still look awesome!

Did you have any issues?
In a nutshell, no! Other than a tiny bit of swelling, everything went really smoothly.

How much did it cost?
You can see the full price list on the White Swan Aesthetics website, but typically prices start from 200 pounds.

What if I don’t like the results?
The best part about this process is that it is 100% reversible. If you aren’t happy with the results, you can book an appointment for the fillers to be dissolved.  



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