How to Cover Up Your Roots With EVERPRO’s Back2Blonde

Fellow bleachers out there, you’ll definitely feel me with this one- roots are a pain. Although they’ve become more of a trend recently, they are still constant maintenance for those of us with bleached hair, and they can look a little unsightly from time to time. For me, it’s the harsh banding effect that really makes my locks look unkempt so when the beauties at Dowal Walker PR suggested EVERPRO I couldn’t wait to try it!

everpro beauty

The Packaging 
I love me some snazzy packaging, and EVERPRO’s Back2Blonde didn’t disappoint. I tried out both the touch up spray and the powder to see which one I preferred. I have to say the powder was an instant hit for me- it’s a perfect size to pop in your handbag and it has some lovely compartments that house the live-in sponge and a mirror for easy application.

ever pro beauty 7

The sponge lifted quite a bit of the powder when I used it too, and it’s composition meant there was little powder residue, which was fab!

ever pro beauty 5

This handy little pot is also amazing if you fancy covering up your roots on holiday- I mean how can something that’s aeroplane friendly not be a win-win?

ever pro beauty 4


The Product
The product itself is super easy to apply. The spray is a really on-the-go kind of product, something that supplies you with a quick fix before you head out. You simply shake well, hold about 10cm from your root and spray across the area, moving back and fourth for 1-2 mins until the desired area is covered.

ever pro beauty 2

The powder is just as simple, but you use the applicator to cover the area- I actually used both products simultaneously which was effective, as parts the spray didn’t reach were covered with the powder pot.

ever pro beauty 3excuse my claw hand

My Verdict 
Where would a product review be without a before and after shot? My natural hair is a VERY dark brown, so my roots are pretty ugly at times, and even though the B2B didn’t match my hair exactly, it made my roots look a whole lot better, and a whole lot more subtle. I want to try out the light blonde to see if it’s a better match (this was the medium) and if you have hair the same shade as mine I would definitely recommend that shade!

ever pro 9

Just a wee note, the root touch up washes out after one shampoo, so it’s definitely good for special occasions and can be applied within a few minutes which is fab!

ever pro 8

You can purchase it HERE from Superdrug

*Just a wee note that I was kindly gifted this product, but all opinions are of course my own. Before and after images are unedited. 

Have you ever used EVERPRO’s products?

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