5 of My Favourite Ways to Use Egyptian Magic

So I rarely dedicate a post to just one product, but if I dig it, I’ve got to shout about it. I’ve been a big user of coconut oil for a number of years now, but I have to say after trying Egyptian Magic, the oil has kinda been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. In this post I’m basically penning a love letter to my new fave product, and telling you about the 5 different ways I use it in my day-to-day life.

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Here’s the part where y’all are like “Ughhh, what makes it so magic?” I was totally like you in the beginning. There are thousands (maybe millions omg) of products out there that claim they will work miracles, but one thing I love about Egyptian Magic is that you don’t need to be squinting to look at the ingredients because there are only six and they’re all natural, eeeep! Olive Oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. It’s also cruelty free and organic (yippee!). It’s only drawback? the price. Egyptian Magic is around £29 a pot, but for the tiny amounts you’re using in each application, this baby will last you ages and it’s well worth investing!

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I’m a serial bleacher, so I often have phases where I feel like my hair is damaged beyond repair. Dry, straw-like and hard to style, I frequently reach for my magical pot! I use a couple of fingers and draw a circle in the mixture, then run them through the ends of my hair before bed.

The formula is also fabulous for if your hair is frizzy and you’re looking to get a sleek and smooth finish- a tiny bit goes a long way!

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I’ve been a big fan of glossy eye looks this season, and Egyptian Magic is my best friend when it comes to re-creating the finish. Simply apply your favourite eyeshadow and rub a small amount in circular motions on the top of the lids and voila! It can also be used as a simple lip balm, or to make your matte lipsticks slightly glossy.


As a primer, a face mask or a moisturiser, Egyptian Magic is perfect for my sensitive skin. I have to say I’m prone to applying it at night after I remove my make up as it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated.  When it comes to my body, I find it works best on patches of dry skin- most prominently on my feet- I’m one of those hooligans who is always outside in my bare feet in the garden!

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As well as using it with my make up, I often use it as a remover, especially around my sensitive eye area. I apply a small bit to my face and then use a cotton wool pad to wipe away the make up. I have to say, it’s great for glitter- I have such trouble trying to remove it from my face and micellar water (even the oil based ones) don’t help at all!


I feel SO BAD for my nails post-gels or just post-stick-on falsies. They look dry and damaged and my God they feel awful! I usually rub a bit of Egyptian Magic on them a couple of nights a week before bed and they’re right as rain after that (phew, plz forgive me nails!)

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Just like an all-purpose cream, Egyptian Magic is also amazing for scars, burns, tattoo aftercare and cracked or irritated skin. It’s also fab for nappy rash, before and after pregnancy, after sun or as a vaginal lubricant.

Just a little note: This post is in no way sponsored! I’m just smitten!

Have you used the product? What are your favourite skincare products?

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  1. Nanu
    October 27, 2019 / 3:12 pm

    I have eczema and urticaria. This cream works magick!! Awesome post!

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