Beautycon 2016: We Chatted to the Stars

Held last Saturday at Olympia London in Kensington, vloggers, bloggers and celebrities gathered to meet-and-greet and chat to the public about all things beauty. We caught up with a number of stars to talk party season tips, lust-worthy lip colours and their winter getaway travel essentials.

Niomi Smart

The beauty product you couldn’t live without?
“I would have to say highlighter, I’m still loving it. Throughout the summer it was the go-to glow look and through the winter it’s adding a touch of sparkle!”

You’ve only got five minutes to get ready; what three products do you grab?
“Moisturiser – no makeup can sit well on your face without this. Then mascara and some tinted lip balm”

Life without mascara or life without eyeliner?
“I could not live without mascara! Easy question”

If you’re off on a winter getaway, what would be your beauty essentials?
“I’d say a hand cream as my skin gets so dry when I’m flying also some nice hair serum oil because you can feel a little dried out on the journey. All about the hydration”

Do you have any tips for a long-lasting beauty look for party season? 
“Face mist is great for after you’ve done your makeup. It’s great for setting your look”

Any hairstyle you’ll be trying this party season?
“For me, my look is natural and I don’t tend to go for any crazy up dos so I will keep it down or have some natural curls.”

Jay Manuel

What’s your go-to outfit for a Christmas party?
“I go to a lot of big events and I’m a suit and tie kind of guy. My grandfather was a master tailor and when I was a little boy growing up, every year on my birthday I would get a custom suit made by him. I still have them all! If the event is more of a friend’s party then I might go for something a little more rock ‘n’ roll- a leather jacket, jeans and a tee to take it downtown”

What are your go-to shoes for that special occasion?
“If I’m not in a tux, then I’m definitely a brogues guy”

What is your favourite accessory of the season?
“I am a watch fiend, I collect watches. I also do love men’s signet rings- the one I’m wearing today is a scarab beetle, I love Egyptology”

Any grooming tips?
“The whole world of beauty is changing and every man can have concealer for those dark circles or a breakout. A lot of people see bronzer as something you can just dust over your face, but as a makeup artist I would use it along the temple to the cheek to bring some dimension to your face-men can really benefit from that”

Your hair is iconic; would you ever go a crazy colour? 
“I would! Everyone is talking about silver and it’s a huge trend and I was reading a magazine recently that traced the trend and at the beginning was a really old picture of me on America’s Next Top Model. Some of my contracts have a materials clause that says I can’t change my appearance but I would really love to do a super cool blue, or even something with the tips” 

Helen Anderson

What’s your handbag must for every day? 
“Lipstick! Mine’s a pinky-nude. If any of my current lipstick disappears from my lips, this one will always work”

What’s the recent beauty trend you’re loving?
“I really like glitter eyeshadow palettes”

Ultimate lip colour of the year?
“My pinky-nude!”

Tips for a long-lasting face at a Christmas party?
“Pack it on- layer it up without looking OTT. I will give you my really bad tip- hairspray on the face. It’s old school and shameful but it lasts all day.”

Any haircare tips for the festive season?
“Keep everything moisturised! Get some nice oils to stop your hair from drying out.”

Mark Zapanta

Would you live life without mascara or eyeliner?
“I could live without mascara, I would just wear false lashes!”

Product that you couldn’t live without?
“Liquid lipsticks”

Highlighter or Bronzer
“That’s a tough one but I would say highlighter, you’re glow has to be on point all the time”

Party season is coming up, what’s your go-to party eye?
“Glitter everything. It’s so fun!”

Tips for a long-lasting face for a party?
“Setting spray definitely. Primer water is also good”

How to prep your face before a party?
“Moisturiser for sure, or after shave balm, it’s so good”

Any haircare tips for us?
“Don’t bleach your hair (like me!)”

Bethany Mota

Beauty product you couldn’t live without? 
“Dry shampoo, it’s my go-to. I use it even when my hair isn’t oily, it’s great after I’ve styled it to add texture.”

Life without eyeliner or life without mascara?
“Mascara for sure!”

Highlighter or Bronzer?
“Bronzer, I have to have bronzer!

Staple beauty products for your travels?
“I like to pack a beauty bag for the plane, so I have my favourite moisturiser and a brow pencil with me, as well as a mascara and a lip balm”

Any haircare tips for the party season?
“Get your hair trimmed, I’m guilty of not getting mine done for a while! I would also say try and eliminate heat as well, for me I will braid my hair the night before so that when I wake up in the morning my hair has a natural wave to it. I also like texturising spray  for an alternative look to straightening and curling it”

What’s your ultimate party lip?
“Anything matte, but because it’s winter time I’m loving anything dark. At the moment I’m into a matte burgundy”

Dulce Candy

What’s the beauty product you couldn’t live without?
“Definitely mascara for me”

Recent beauty trend you’re into at the moment?
“I would have to stay strobing- highlighting is my everything”

The lip colour you keeping going back to?
“A berry lip, a bit like what I’m wearing today”

Highlighter or Bronzer?

Tips for a long-lasting face when you’re going to a party?
“I would have to say primer, and just finish with a finishing mist to lock it in!”

If you had to get ready in five minutes, what products you would pick up first? 
“Tinted moisturiser, mascara and a bright lip… oh and some bronzer and highlighter”

Any haircare tips for the festive season? 
“I love using coconut oil once a week, its so hydrating and makes the hair easier to style”

Freddy My Love

Brows are so big at the moment, what’s your regime? 
“I like a wax, I’ve never had them threaded before. I try not to pluck!”

Bronzer or Highlighter?
“Highlighter always. I’m like the highlight Queen, I apply too much. Is there ever too much?!”

Life without eyeliner or life without mascara? 
“Eyeliner. I don’t really wear it. Actually I could probably live with giving up both! I’m fair and blonde, so I prefer my face without mascara.”

Lip colour of the year?
“Matte pinky-nude. The perfect balance of the two and the only colour I wear. It’s flawless”

Go-to outfit for party season
“I love anything embellished. I generally stick to paler colours especially in winter. Everyone tends to go for reds and deep greens during the festive season but I like to keep it light- a Christmas fairy basically!”

You’re off to a party but you’ve only got 10 minutes to get ready. What three products do you pack in your clutch? 
“Concealer as it’s a compact version of foundation, brow pencil- I feel naked without my brows done and lipstick. Ah I need four, as I need my highlighter too as well!”

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