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Who’d have thought this season’s biggest beauty trend would be inspired by your favourite plant? It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t owned a desert plant at some point in their life, and this year our love for them is reaching new levels. From nail art to vibrant hair styles, here are seven ways you can get inspired by your indoor plants. 

Succulent Tips

Looking for a subtle way to nod to the varying colours a succulent produces? Why not take your dip dye to the next level with green, blue and pink tips! Pull hair into a half up do and braid for the best way to reveal the vibrancy. 

Living Garlands

A growing trend for weddings and special occasions, many are ditching the traditional flower garland in favour of more verdant styles. Cue the succulent headband for a boho twist on traditional florals. 

Straight Styles

If you have longer hair with a tendency to be straight, channelling a succulent can be easy with a pastel green with a statement pink added to the tips. 

3D Styles

We’ve heard of green fingers, but what about having a green thumb?! Unique, 3D nail art can transform your hand into a dedication to your favourite plants this season. 

Short and Vibrant Styles

Short styles can embody the statement look too; it’s all about mixing several shades of green before finishing at the tips with purple and pink hues- curling your locks adds maximum impact to the style. 

Succulent Nails

If 3D nails aren’t quite your thing, try a more subtle, patterned design. Nail wraps and falsies are perfect if you don’t have time for paint them yourself- we love these ones by Chalkboard Nails!

A Festive Alternative

As party season approaches, why not move away from safe reds and golds, experimenting with a palette inspired by succulents. Blend turquoises with pinks and purples for eyes that pop this festive period. 

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