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Exuding an effortlessly cool aesthetic, London duo Alpines are a band that marry haunting synth with soft melodies for the ultimate soundscape. With fans in The XX, Florence + the Machine and The Macabees, the pair have now launched their second album Another River and are preparing to head off on their tour next February and March.  We caught up with Catherine of Alpines to talk fashion in music, sartorially-savvy legends and her favourite style era. 

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?
“Soulful, Textural, Emotional.”

Where did the inspiration for your band name come from?
“We love the mountains and nature in general. We wanted a name that reflected that and something that would stand the test of time. Alpines are flowers that grow in the highest reaches of the mountains and can withstand extreme conditions, we loved that metaphor.”

What projects have you been working on recently, will you be collaborating with anyone? 
“We have been in the studio with a really exciting act this year working on a collab track, that is all we can say right now as it is very much a work in progress, but watch this space!”

From your sartorial music videos to your track Drive (chosen by photographer Rankin for a Hannah Marshall video) your aesthetic is very much rooted in style. How important is the marriage between music and fashion to you? 
“It is very important. Fashion and aesthetics as a whole are things we think about at great length. This is because they go hand in hand with the music. When we started to work on writing and recording ‘Another River’ in our studio we pieced together a mood board of lots of different images. This included, photography, fashion, architecture, sculpture and painting. These images filled in the gaps in that writing period – every time we needed inspiration or to figure out the best direction to go in we would look to this mood board and it would always be a great way to help us think in a new way. ”

Any fashion-savvy artists inspiring you right now/ legends who have inspired you ? 
“Solange is smashing it. She is incredibly stylish and her use of colour and textures within her videos is on another level. Equally, FKA Twigs is very special and is in her own stratosphere when it comes to styling and visuals, in her performances especially. Back in the day artists such as Sade, Prince and Madonna were all very inspirational in their style and strength to stand out from the crowd. ”

Pieces you can’t live without when you’re on the road? 
“My puffer jacket is basically a duvet on the move and is a must have item.” 

Any trends at the moment you’re loving? 
“Loving lots of trends at the moment but particularly love big jewel earrings combined with a baseball cap and a long wool coat. ”

How has working in the industry effected your style?
“I am lucky to have worked with so many stylish and artistic people over the years so it definitely affects my style. I am always inspired by what other people wear, I am a bit of a magpie as I am always drawn to the brightest and shiniest people (both inside and out!) What is great in the music industry is that you can be whoever you want to be. Perhaps certain pop stars who are smashing it on a global scale feel the pressure to conform to what other people want, but I like to think, particularly as a female in music today, we can wear what makes us happy. I am often so inspired by very strong women in this industry who stand up for what they want and project their own style above all else. When it comes to being on stage especially, it is so important you are comfortable in your skin in clothing that works for you and projects your story.”

Retro style (especially 90s) is prevalent right now. Any era you would have loved to live in? 
“I do love 90s style and I love combining it with a 70s silhouette as well. I think because I have incredibly long hair I would have to say I would have loved to have lived in the 70s. I am constantly on the hunt for people to join my long hair tribe!”

Where can we catch you playing over the rest of the year?
“Our next London show to celebrate the launch of our new album is on 9th November at The Moth Club in Hackney. Then we head out on a headline tour next Spring in the UK and Europe!” 

Sequins or LBD? Sequins

Heels or Flats? I wear both 50/50

Blazer or Bomber Jacket? Bomber Jacket

Would we find you on the dancefloor or by the bar? Dancefloor

Go-to Party Track? Missy Elliot – Pass That Dutch

Favourite Party Emoji? 


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