9 Alternative Halloween Nail Ideas

It might not be time to don your costume just yet, but why not display your love for Halloween on your nails? We’re moving away from the classic pumpkins and spider webs in favour of some alternative design ideas…

Occult Talons

A kooky take on the classic black nail, try adding a matte finish for a touch of modernity. Channel your inner witch with moon and star patterns to keep it occult. 

Dripping Designs

Love a classic red but want to mix it up in time for the fright fest? Apply a base white to your nails, before adding red and black unevenly to create a dripping illusion.

Candy Corn Claws

Iconic candy corn sweets are the perfect inspiration for a subtle Halloween nail. Try combining yellow, orange and white shades in a gradient to nail the look. 

Black Ombre

Ombre nails have been everywhere this year, and what better time to try them than for the spooky season. Reminiscent of Snow White’s poisoned apple, red and black go hand-in-hand. 

Jack Skellington Nails

Fans of A Nightmare Before Christmas will love these Jack Skellington nails, complete with small skulls and liquorice lines. Black and white polishes (and a steady hand!) are all you need to get this look.

Stitch Styles

If you don’t have time to recreate intricate designs, a stitch-style manicure is the perfect compromise. Swap out your white polish in favour of orange tips, and draw a stitch pattern using a black nail pen. 

Beady Eyes

Equal parts creepy and cute, these beady eyes sit on your cuticles for a subtle, yet super scary effect. Simply paint white ovals just above your cuticles, and dab on blue and green colours in the centre to represent the pupils. 

Creepy Trees

Adding newness to simple orange nails, we love this creepy tree design, complete with ominous crows perching on the branches – the use of a glitter polish gives the perfect starry sky effect too. 

Simple Purple

Want a base colour that screams Halloween? Think rich purple shades for a fast-track to kooky cool nails.  

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