8 of the Slickest Bomber Jackets on Film

Throughout the cinematic years, the bomber jacket has enjoyed a number of appearances; from Marlon Brando’s satin piece in A Streetcar Named Desire, to Tom Cruise’s undeniably iconic khaki jacket in Top Gun. With the outerwear a certified staple this season, we’re looking at how  Hollywood’s finest wore theirs. 

Marlon Brando: A Streetcar Named Desire

The Year: 1951
The Bomber: You could say Brando called it pretty early. His burley character Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire saw one of the earliest appearances of the fashion bomber, with a satin jacket one of his notable looks from the film. 

Steve McQueen: The Great Escape

The Year: 1963
The Bomber: Adopting a classic aviation look in-keeping with the WWII theme of The Great Escape, Steve McQueen’s Hilts donned a leather piece for the epic. 

Robert DeNiro: Taxi Driver

The Year: 1976 
The Bomber: Reflective of his character Travis’ military past, Robert De Niro donned a khaki bomber for his role in Taxi Driver. 

Jack Nicholson: The Shining

The Year: 1980 
The Bomber: Jack Nicholson’s psychotic character owned an understated bomber worn throughout The Shining, some would say in a symbolic crimson shade. Corduroy in fabric for a fitting nod to sartorial trends of the time, the collared cut helps keep a structured feel while he psychologically unravels.  

Tom Cruise: Top Gun

The Year: 1986
The Bomber: Could there have been anything cooler than Tom Cruise’s Maverick back in the 80s? An aviation bomber covered in badges has never been more relevant now- especially when finished with those famous black sunglasses. 

Bruce Willis: Pulp Fiction

The Year: 1994
The Bomber: Bruce Willis’ Butch means business, and that’s pretty clear through his sartorial choices. A suede bomber accompanies him throughout much of the movie, with an inoffensive autumnal palette of tan offsetting his mean figure.

Ewan McGregor: Trainspotting

The Year: 1996
The Bomber: When we think of 90s slob dressing, we think of Ewan McGregor’s Mark Renton in Trainspotting. Stained jeans and faded tees are chucked on underneath his thrift-store style bomber for a raw finish to his look. 

Ryan Gosling: Drive

The Year: 2011
The Bomber: A polished and controlled quiet man in Drive, Ryan Gosling’s look became iconic in so many ways. His personality and lack of name may have made him understated, but his unexpectedly stylish embroidered jacket made the piece of outerwear an instant hit once again.

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