TV Tuesdays: Preacher

Wickedly funny, mad, gory and utterly charming, Preacher is a box set delight. Deep in the heart of Texas, a preacher becomes embroiled in a supernatural event that gives him an unbelievable gift- the ability to tell people exactly what to do. Teaming up with new best friend (and vampire) Cassidy, he sets out on a mission to find God while dodging a pair of angels who are looking to take his power away from him.


preacher main

Developed by the likes of Seth Rogen amongst others, a particularly talented (and mostly British) cast take the helm, with Mamma Mia’s Dominic Cooper as the Preacher and This is England’s Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy. Romance plays a part too, with Robin Hood’s Lucy Griffiths as a lonely housewife and helper at the church, who strikes an unexpected and in-explainable accord with Preacher’s former love (and assassin by trade) Tulip O’Hara.

preacher 1

A bundle of fun with intrigue and artsy filming all served up on a bloody platter and backed with utterly absorbing country music, Preacher is like no supernatural series I’ve seen.


Watch it if You Loved: American Horror Story, The Walking Dead.

I rate it:   ????



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