TV Tuesdays: Locked Up (Vis a Vis)

If you know me, you’ll know how much I love foreign film- there’s something beautiful and mysterious about a movie with subtitles. Recently I decided to download a number of series from Channel 4’s Walter Presents, and I wasn’t disappointed! I really want to share some of my favourites with you; first up, Locked Up or Vis a Vis (which means conjugal visit).

For anyone missing Orange is the New Black, this one’s definitely for you. The Spanish thriller is set in a women’s high-security prison and follows the story of Macarena (I know, the song always popped into my head…) a former accountant who is sentenced to serve seven years for tax fraud, an offence she unwillingly committed due to her ex boss and former lover.

Timid and naive, Macarena is somewhat thrown to the wolves, surrounded by drug addicts and murderers and there isn’t much of a break for the viewer as she is pelted from dire situation to dire situation.

With a stellar bunch of actors (all of which you are sure to fall in love with) dare I say it? I kind of love it more than OITNB…


Watch it if You Loved: Orange is the New Black, Prison Break.

I rate it:   ?????


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