How to Be More Like Jason Bourne

It’s been four long years in the making, but the former assassin and amnesiac is finally back on our screens with the fourth instalment in the franchise, Jason Bourne. With his stoic face, intriguing back story and peculiar skill at making weapons from pretty much anything; he’s a complicated guy. As the film hits cinemas today, we’ve got some pointers on how you can be more like the man himself. 

Embrace Tonal Dressing

There’s not many that can look as effortlessly cool in boot-cut jeans and a plain tee, but Bourne pulls it off with seeming ease. His tonal dressing allows him to slip into crowds unnoticed, gain trust and most importantly stand apart from the stiff suits of Treadstone that look to find him and take him out. Get his look with slim jeans and a plain tee, throwing on a dark bomber for good measure. 

Learn Parkour

Who can forget the iconic Moroccan scenes during  action-packed movie The Bourne Ultimatum, with the protagonist chasing a rouge agent over rooftops and in-between houses, leaping with veritable ease. Developed from military obstacle course training, parkour  is now hugely popular and a recognised urban sport.  

Invest in a Holdall Bag

With enemies around every corner and intel that could blow your cover at any given moment, falling off the radar is vital for Jason Bourne. Unlikely to be caught drawing money from a cash machine or using his original passport, he relies on his holdall bag for a seemingly infinite supply of documents and money. 

Go Retro

Another way the former assassin avoids being tracked is through the use of a Pay As You Go phone, with a brand new sim card. Complete with a dodgy headset, the £10 mobile ensures he stays covert for as long as possible, while keeping up with his contacts. 

Hand-to-Hand Combat is Key

Heavily reliant on his fists, Jason Bourne usually leaves his gun in favour of hand-to-hand combat. Boxing is on the up and may be for you- it’s a brilliant way of keeping fit so head to a specialised boxing gym in your nearest city for lessons. 

Be Spontaneous

When you’re unsure of your past and where you need to go to find out what really happened, being spontaneous can be really handy. Why not book a ticket abroad and see where it takes you!

Practice Your Pokerface

Jason Bourne is the ultimate modern action hero: less polished than James Bond, but not as rough around the edges as John McClane, his understated and unimposing personality is what exudes the charm. A cool head gets him through situations and you rarely see him stray from one, stoic face.  

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