Throwback to Flares

Achieving global domination in the 60s and 70s, flared trousers were the archetypal piece throughout the hippie movement. Accentuating the contours of the body, the classically casual style is a beloved trend that has repeated itself through the ages. With flawless flares making a return this summer, squeeze out of your skinnies as we take a look back at the ultimate trending trouser.

When ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, all eyes were on them (and their flares). Adding swing and attitude to a strut, the wide legged denim is timeless, and not to mention flattering. The modern alternative invites you to ditch your jeggings and opt for a sculpted flare, easily teamed with fashionable fringing or faux fur.


‘90s girl bands were all on board for the flares revival, taking them out of the hippie past and into a pop culture movement. Experimentation with texture was key, from coloured leather and striking metallics, and ultimately anything The Spice Girls said was okay…was. Fast-forward to today and heavy embroidery along with punchy patchwork keep the eye entertained.


Flares never really took off until the mid 1960s, with music icon Cher helping to pave the way for the trend’s popularity in America. Her bell-bottomed beauties were re-imagined throughout the decades, from tie dyes and subtle florals to paisley patterns and graphic prints.


A twist on the denim classic, coloured flares give an instant uplift to a casual look. Think burnt oranges, nudes and camel tones to nail that ‘70s style, making it modern with the addition of luxe outerwear.


Publication New Look
Date              29/7/2015


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