Inspirational Ideas For Your Garden

The garden is a much loved space and one we would love to enjoy all year round, however with the unpredictable British weather this is not always possible.
From log cabins for recreation to decking and paving for entertaining; our rapidly expanding range of garden accessories provide inspirational ideas to extend the time you spend in your outdoor space and create an area to be proud of and most of all, relax and enjoy.

Create a Viewing Point

No matter what the season, patios and areas for decking are a great way of creating space to cook, relax and entertain. Decking is a great option if you are thinking of constructing a place to sit, but do not necessarily want it immediately next your house. Whether you prefer softwood or hardwood, decking is versatile and can be adapted to the shape of your garden, and stained to a desired colour to fit your look. Composite deckingis also a great option for those who are environmentally conscious: Made from 95% recycled materials, the splinter-free decking is weather resistant and low maintenance in comparison with other decking types.


Paving part of your garden can free up space for sitting and whether you prefer a sleek finish or a more unique colouration, there’s always a style to suit you. For a more natural colouration, sandstone provides a rich tapestry of textures and shades, making it an asset to your garden’s landscape. Opt for concrete for a more tailored look, choosing from hues of natural beige to pearl grey, a sleek finish is achieved. Flatter than sandstone, limestoneis attractive and durable as well as being a popular choice for those that are using garden furniture.

Once you have built a serene area for relaxation, little added extras can complement the space. Install a barbeque or a brick oven for the warmer months and put your culinary skills to the test or in the colder weather, a patio heater can enable you to continue enjoying your outdoor space. A flat surface can also be used to display potted plants, providing that perfect area to show off their beauty.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Garden buildings are often seen as a space for storing equipment, or a serene atmosphere to pursue a hobby as they provide you with much needed extra space. Bespoke designs have been created to suit all purposes: for those needing storage, bike store and apex sheds are available in a variety of sizes to help you manage your area and budding gardeners will love premium potting sheds.

Log cabins allow you to make use of the space you have and whether you desire a place to entertain or extra room to run your own business, there are designs to suit all budgets.


Optimise the Layout of your Garden

By optimising the layout of your garden, you can adapt different areas to suit your needs and maximise the enjoyment of your space. Shelters such as gazebos, arbors and archesare also a wonderful option for focal points, a place people are visually drawn to upon entering.

Add the finishing touches to your outdoor space with hard-wearing fence lap panels. As well as providing privacy, it can prove to be an attractive asset to the garden, blocking out anything unalluring to the back and side of your property. Trellis can also divide your space and they can promote the growth of climbing plants, fully integrating them into your landscape.

Publication Alsford Timber
Date               9/4/2015
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