Tips for Maintaining Your Fencing

There’s nothing quite like the charm of a wooden fence – it enhances the look of a garden, provides privacy and can be customised to suit your desired style.Here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy your fence for years to come!

Clean it

We recommend that you clean your fence once a year to remove everyday dirt and mildew that has built up over time. Cleaning products are readily available and are essential before any type of stain can be applied. A dirt-free fence is a happy fence!

Repair it

Caring for your fence is vital, and checking for damages (rotting, splitting or other mishaps) could save you a lot of cash. Firstly check nails and screws. Replace if any are missing or rusty and tighten any loose screws. Inspect your fence for rotting pieces: replace these as soon as possible to save money in the long-run. For all your repair and advice needs, contact your local Alsford Branch.

Top tip: Walking along your fence lines regularly can help you spot any weak points.



Fencing Posts – Looking after your posts is vital as these hold up your fencing. Obvious but true! Poorly fitted posts or posts that are in constant contact with wet ground will fail sooner than posts that are properly fitted and well maintained. It will also depend on the quality and size of your fence post.

When it comes to fence posts you really do get what you pay for. Cheaper fence posts made from home grown Timber may only last a few years if poorly maintained, even if they are 4” posts.

Imported Timber posts treated with HC4 Treatment will last longer if properly maintained and comes with a 15 year guarantee against rot and insect attack. HC4 posts are a bit more expensive but can last twice or even three times as long as standard posts.  Concrete posts will last even longer but are more difficult to fit and can be less appealing on the eye.

Top Tip: Use a pressure washer to get rid of dirt and mildew around the base of your fence posts and make sure that the area in ground contact is free from moisture and dead plant or leaves.

Reseal it

Due to the UK’s rather frequent rainfall, sealing will have to be done every couple of years to keep it looking its best. As a rule you will know when your fence needs resealing when drops of water are absorbed into the fence as oppose to it beading on the surface of the wood.

Top Tip: Using a product like Ronseal’s Fencelife will provide colour and protection to your fence in just one coat. Waxes will prevent weather damage and UV filters will prevent colours from fading.

Customise it

Staining will add a hint of colour whilst maintaining the wood’s natural look and is a great way to personalise your fence.  Trellis is also a great option for customising and supports climbing plants as well as adding extra height.

Publication    Alsford Timber
Date                  24/3/2015
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