10 Reasons to Buy a Shed

Whether it’s a place to store equipment, or a place to escape, a garden shed can go a long way to improving the look and feel of a garden.
In case you are in any doubt as to whether to purchase this garden accessory, we have 10 reasons as to why a garden shed would suit you.

  1. Storage

Every keen gardener needs a place to keep their tools, and sheds are a perfect way of storing materials, especially those of which may be harmful to children and/or animals. With the absence of a garage especially, a need for outside space to store equipment is vital.

  1. Security

From bikes, to lawnmowers, to garden equipment, accessories for your outside space can be expensive and a way to ensure they are safe is by locking them in your shed. It removes any worries and keeping them protected from the elements will also ensure your equipment lasts.

  1. Cleanliness

A messy garden filled with debris is not ideal, so a shed can be a good place to keep unwanted clutter. It can also provide a spill over storage room for a garage – any additional space is good space!

  1. Creativity

If it’s a spot of solitude that you need, having a shed can provide a small space to suit your needs – a little imagination goes a long way…

  1. Potting shed

For a more traditional approach, a potting shed is the perfect place to store pots, keep relevant materials handy and even customise the shed with shelves for easy preparation of plants.

  1. Winter garden

With the Great British weather often letting us down, a shed is the ideal shelter for more vulnerable plants. If your shed has additional windows, it can also double as a greenhouse for foliage that demands heat and a controlled environment and offers the perfect space if you’ve always fancied growing your own produce.

  1. Hobbies

Dreamed of having a workshop, but haven’t got the budget? Wished for extra space to fit an office? A shed can really make a difference when it comes to finishing a personal project.

  1. Aesthetics

Aside from providing your garden with much-needed storage, sheds can be an attractive feature in your garden. With the use of wood stain, they can match decking or fencing, helping them become an attractive fixture in your outside space.

  1. Value to the Home

If you have the absence of a garage, a shed can indeed provide value to the home as a priceless place to store possessions or spare furniture.

  1. Family Fun

A shed doesn’t just have to be for storage, it can double up as a space for all the family, encouraging children that gardening or spending time in outdoor space is fun. If a summerhouse is more your cup of tea, our range of log cabins provide extra space to relax in for all budgets.

To brighten up and protect your shed, why not paint it.  Ronseal Garden Paint comes in a range of colours that can be used in any style garden. It also protects the wood from the weather.

Publication  Alsford Timber
Date              24/3/2016
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