Mortdecai London Premiere 19th January

I was pretty lucky this week as I managed to bag myself Mortdecai premiere tickets (hooray!). After years of swooning after the agelessly beautiful Johnny Depp, I finally got the chance to see him in the flesh, alongside a viewing of his new comedy starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor.
After filing on to the red carpet with a group of competition winners, catching a peep at Johnny (amongst his rather large entourage) and snapping a few selfies, we took our seats inside the Empire at Leicester Square.  
The free snacks and IMAX itself made the experience enjoyable and before the showing, director David Koepp introduced the film, joined by a couple of shy waves from Mr Depp. 
The film itself oozed Peter Sellers in respect to its comedy- extremely silly, often slapstick heavy, Johnny Depp really did carry the film a large proportion of the time with his character of Charlie Mortdecai, an aristocratic art dealer caught up in a race to recover a stolen painting. 
Kudos to Paul Bettany, whose role as a cockney manservant also carried a lot of the movie, however I felt a fusion of Nazi gold, angry Russians and dodgy art dealing was perhaps a ‘been there, done that’ plot. 
Those elements aside, a brilliant evening out and I recommend going along to Leicester Square to see a premiere, even if it is just to gaze at the stars…  

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