Book Review: The Taxidermist’s Daughter by Kate Mosse

When it comes to great novels, I crave that one I won’t be able to put down, the one I can’t wait to finish but will be sad to see the end, the one I will be willing to lose sleep over. Searching for the weird, wonderful and ultimately acclaimed, I stumbled across Kate Mosse’s The Taxidermist’s Daughter.


A deep-rooted thriller shrouded in mystery, the story sets itself in the gothic period of 1912, in rural Sussex to be exact. Beginning the tale in a ghostly graveyard, we meet heroine Connie Gifford, who spends her daily life looking out for her alcoholic father and failed Taxidermist.
Tiny details add pace to the steady plot as it uncovers murder, madness and mutilation, all watered down with a tinge of romance. A real winter read, I truly recommend Mosse’s dark tale for anyone who loves a spine-tingler.
I give it: ....
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