Fk Real Fur This Winter

Reminiscing over 90’s fashion is one of my favourite things to do, but seeing elements of it creeping onto the high street excites me even more. From fluffy skirts, to cosy coats to quirky faux crops, the fur look is well and truly back and I’m loving it (fake that is).
Why settle for one shade of faux fur when you can have two?! Grab this snug ivory and candy blossom coat from Unreal Fur. Team it with a matching fluffy pink clutch from Topshop, splash out on some purple Henry Holland earrings and complete the look in contrast with these cobalt ankle boots from My 1st Wish. Perfection.
ASOS embraced the trend recently with this gorgeous candy pink bomber jacket that looks perfect with faded jeans and cleated heels. Motel Rocks went monochrome mad with this faux fur striped black and white blend coat with a high fashion collarless finish. 
For a more quirky look, head to Somewhere Nowhere, who pride themselves in their faux fur collection featuring super snug two pieces in oversized glory for a draped slice of coziness!

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