How to Rip and Score Your Jeans

Pinterest is often a place I look for inspiration, at the same time as trying not to become depressed with the hoards of skinny bodies I would LOVE to emulate. Summer fashion boards led me to grow a love for ripped or scored jeans, they look amazing with your favourite pair of stilettos and a giant clutch, or dresses down with some ballet pumps and a strappy top. 
How to Score Your Jeans 
1. Start by wearing your jeans and marking out the parts you want to be ripped.
2. Make two horizontal cuts which mark the bottom and the top of the rip
3. pull threads downwards one by one at the bottom of your second rip and you should begin to see a scoring pattern
4. Once all the threads are pulled you should end up with a number of white horizontal threads. Repeat in other areas of your jeans if desired. 



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