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How to Grow Your Instagram Account

Advice, Blog

Wah, the dreaded ‘A’ word is about to come into play. That pesky algorithm has made it even harder for us bloggers to grow on Instagram and it can be SO annoying. I’m so surprised that I’ve gained almost 2,000 followers in the last two months, and I really wanted to share with you some of the methods I used to grow my account!

5 of the Best Horrors Since 2015

Blog, Film, Halloween

I’m so passionate about movies. They’re the most glorious form of escapism and I simply couldn’t live without them. My preferred genre has always been horror, but as many fans of these films will know, it’s often hard to sift through the mediocrity to find a hidden gem. Over the past year I’ve watched and been recommended a number of films, some of which have really impressed me so I wanted to share them with you! Let me know if you enjoyed them too, or have any others that would fit in with the list!

How to Buy New Clothes, But Save Money

Blog, Fashion

Ah fast fashion. It’s what most retailers rely on us buying into- and most of us do (including me). I mean, you’re talking to a gal that just impulse bought a Love Island tee knowing the slogan emblazoned on the piece will probably be out of use within the next few weeks… But what if you’re feeling those tight purse strings mid-month, but the dress of dreams just so happens to appear in your inbox?! (those darn e-commerce emails get me every time). Here are my tips on how I buy new clothes, and save a little dollar in the process.

Ice Watch: My New Favourite Accessory

Blog, Hair & Beauty

If there’s one thing I’m crazy over, it’s a statement watch. Although I sometimes forget to put on my rings or necklaces, you’ll seldom see me without a watch. This summer the wonderful people at Ice Watch kindly gifted me one of their accessories and MY GOD I’M IN LOVE. I’m so smitten with my wrist candy that I’ve decided to talk about it on here, and create a beauty look that reflects the face.

9 Reasons Why I’m Over Summer and Ready for Autumn

Blog, Lifestyle

I know, I know, how can I be wishing summer away? Well I am- I’m sorry. If you follow me, you’ll know I’m an annoying promoter of Halloween all year round, but honestly, there’s nothing better than autumn for me. From the falling leaves, to the ripening of the crops, to the air feeling a whole lot fresher, here are the reasons why I’m ready for the new season.

How to Limit Stress

Advice, Blog

Stress is just a bummer isn’t it. It stops us in our tracks and can lead to bigger problems in our lives. Although I’m still learning about the best ways to cope with it, here is some advice for little things that make the world of difference.

Get to Know Me: The Liebster Blog Award

Blog, Lifestyle

Hey beauties! I was kindly nominated by Meg to take part in the Liebster Award so I couldn’t resist. If you’re not too sure how it works, it’s basically a chain of questions that helps you get to know some more awesome bloggers. Here are my answers to Meg’s questions below, and my nominations to carry on the chain!

The Ultimate Summer Freak Shake With Ribena

Blog, Food, Lifestyle

Summer vibes are in full force and my God is the sun glorious! I was so excited when the guys at Ribena got in touch with me to challenge me to re-think my perceptions of the classic squash drink and create a brand new recipe. Who couldn’t resist a cheeky strawberry freak shake to enjoy in the sunshine? Read on for the full recipe, and accidental cat candids!