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How to Cover Up Your Roots With EVERPRO’s Back2Blonde

Blog, Hair & Beauty

Fellow bleachers out there, you’ll definitely feel me with this one- roots are a pain. Although they’ve become more of a trend recently, they are still constant maintenance for those of us with bleached hair, and they can look a little unsightly from time to time. For me, it’s the harsh banding effect that really makes my locks look unkempt so when the beauties at Dowal Walker PR suggested EVERPRO I couldn’t wait to try it!

Nail Autumn Dressing With These Trends

Blog, Fashion

I love the end of summer and the emergence of autumn fashion, always gets me so giddy! Okay so of course we see the same heavy trend hitters each season- trench coats, checks and tartans, boots… but this year we’re seeing a whole load of colour and texture coming into play and I’m so for it! I’m highlighting six trends I can’t wait to see next season, and how you can get on board now.

An Honest Review of Amsterdam: The Best and Worst (and Weirdest!) Things to Do

Blog, Lifestyle, Travel

Whenever I’m travelling somewhere new, the first thing I do once I’ve booked is read travel guides and I’m not going to lie, I often find travel blogger’s perspectives on places a lot more useful than larger sites . I’ve been to Amsterdam five times now and I have to say, I’ve ticked off a lot of bits that are on the ‘best things to do’ lists. I thought I would share with you my opinion on the best things to do, and the places/things to avoid on your stay!

No Blogger Friends, No Problem?

Advice, Blog

As I sifted through some old blog posts looking for a couple of archive pieces to re-post on Twitter, I stumbled upon one of mine called ‘Blogger Friends vs Friends IRL’. I found myself reading it and even though it was only written a mere 5 months ago, I couldn’t disagree with what I was saying more.

17 of My Favourite Films Directed By Women

Blog, Film

If y’all know me, you’ll know I LOVE a good movie, and there’s nothing I favour more than a female focus in film. So I’ve made a (rather long) list of movies I’m really passionate about sharing with you, all of which are female directed. Lemme know in the comments how many you’ve watched/ not watched and if you have any recommendations.

Halloween How to: Elsa Mars

Blog, Hair & Beauty, Halloween

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen that I’m SUPER hyped for the next season of American Horror Story (airing September 5th OMFG). I wanted to do my own little countdown with a celebration of some of my favourite characters from the former series’, this week is Elsa Mars.

How Not to Kill: Your Cactus

Blog, Lifestyle

So you went out to get groceries, all the essentials and a little plant baby caught your eye and you literally COULDN’T leave the shop without it. You carefully sandwich it between your food for the week to keep it upright, before transporting it home. Congratulations, you’re now officially a plant mumma! (welcome to da club)

7 Ways to Clean Up and Improve Your Blog

Advice, Blog

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Scrolling aimlessly through our blogs, wondering how we can add new life to them… I had this recently, and decided instead of forking out for a brand new theme, I would give my website a little bit of a face lift with a wee clean up! Here are some tips and tricks I wanted to share with you as to how I cleaned up my blog.

5 of My Favourite Ways to Use Egyptian Magic

Blog, Hair & Beauty

So I rarely dedicate a post to just one product, but if I dig it, I’ve got to shout about it. I’ve been a big user of coconut oil for a number of years now, but I have to say after trying Egyptian Magic, the oil has kinda been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. In this post I’m basically penning a love letter to my new fave product, and telling you about the 5 different ways I use it in my day-to-day life.