Bullying and How to Conquer It

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I think I’ve deleted and re-written this post about four times now, as I’ve really been umming and ahhing as to whether to talk about serious issues on my blog; but I really wanted to make this space a little bit more personal to me and my experiences, so here goes!

Video: How I Bleached My Hair From Black to Blonde

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I’ve been meaning to chat about my transition from black to blonde hair for a while now, but last week I finally got to film and edit a Youtube video. I’m hoping to get back into Youtube this year, with a new post each weekend, but you never really remember how much work it is until you start, do ya!

Crazy Couture In Paris

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Oh Haute Couture Fashion Week, how I love you! Killer street style and extravagance to the nth degree, it can always be relied upon for flawless design. Here’s my review on the craziest couture pieces of the bunch

Sunday Mood: Fishnet Styling

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Fishnets are like, so major rn. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, it’s one step closer to those street style gals I idolise every day, but fishnets as a standalone piece have always made me ponder “can I really pull that off?”.

Violet Contact Lenses Review

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I love to change up my look (and if you know me, you’ll know I’m forever changing my hair colour) but recently I’ve been super into coloured contact lenses- it’s the most simple way to change your whole look and I’m obsessed, although I had a bit of difficulty trying to find a reliable store- which is where contactlenses.co.uk comes in!