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5 Reasons You Should Visit Dreamland in Margate

Blog, Lifestyle, Travel

My quest for Instagram-worthy locations and love of theme parks brought me to the beautifully nostalgic Dreamland in Margate (Kent). Glitter roots applied and fave dress on, I headed to the coast last weekend to discover what all the buzz was about and it’s safe to say I loved it! Here are five reasons why you need to head down to Margate’s vintage amusement park.

Trying Out Primark Beauty: My Verdict

Blog, Hair & Beauty

I’ve always been a fan of experimental beauty, but what’s held me back is the price of some products. Although you often pay for what you get, I’m always looking for accessible products that keep my make up playful without breaking the bank- and also being cruelty-free! That’s where PS (or Primark beauty) comes in.

How to Survive Your First Blogger Event

Blog, Lifestyle

So last Saturday little ol’ me jumped on a London-bound train. Next stop Farringdon, which played host to The Blogger’s Hub’s Summer Penthouse Party with Spectrum Brushes! Glitter, unicorns, doughnuts and make up galore awaited me- it was a fab day so thank you to The Blogger’s Hub for having me! Your first event can be a little nerve-wracking and I have to admit I was a little anxious as I was going alone- so for anyone who has an event coming up, or as looking to attend them in the future, here are my tips!

Make Up Look: My Cousin Rachel

Blog, Film, Hair & Beauty

Daphne Du Maurier has long been my favourite author. From her famed Rebecca to lesser known but just as magical Frenchman’s Creek, her books often centre around an intriguing female character and My Cousin Rachel is no exception.

Make Up Look: Goth Doll

Blog, Hair & Beauty, Halloween

After doing a wee poll on my Twitter, I took the leap and decided to talk a bit about beauty! I’ve never been overly confident with it, but I’ve always loved experimenting with make up so I’ve decided to start a series to talk about how I play around with different cosmetics. First up, a gothic doll look.

Highland Adventure: Day One and Two in Scotland

Blog, Travel, Vlogs

I’ve always been a huge fan of Scotland, and there aren’t many places that top the picturesque landscape IMO. Rolling hills, haunting glens, vast lochs and quaint villages- it’s no wonder many parts of the Highlands are used in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Fraser Collection’s Minimalist Watches

Blog, Lifestyle

When it comes to accessories, I love a good watch, but I’m always conscious that it might clash with an outfit I’m wearing. Fraser Collection kindly sent me one of their watches and I really wanted to write about the appeal of a minimalist watch.