I opened an art store! (Buy my stuff)

So I made this deal with myself at the beginning of lockdown that I would make sure I write on my blog at least two or three times a week to keep my fingers flexed and my writing brain in gear… but I’ve slipped over the past month – I do have an excuse though, I opened a shop!

While doing a drawing course to brush up on my skills, I’ve inadvertently managed to find ‘my style’ and I’ve been drawing with a lot of black and white dotwork and line work. I’ve been posting some of my recreations online but what I’ve been most surprised by is a few of y’all messaging me saying you want to buy prints of my work! I’ve set to work planning some original dotwork pieces I can make into prints recently, and I’ve been theming them, so I have more direction. Feels so weird typing this, as I never really considered myself to be very good at drawing with the amount of talent out there… but art is subjective right?

The ‘Originals’

So I’m in love with different landscapes and took some time to make three pieces I’m going to call my ‘originals’ – mountains, desert and sea. I kinda just wanted to convey how much I love nature and how complex yet simply beautiful they are, y’know! These wee prints are available to buy in my online shop in A4 or A5 (and as bundles too!).

I’m shipping all my prints worldwide, and if you want your delivery tracked you just need to ping me a message on my Big Cartel and I can do that for ya!

Prints and Patterns for June

All through June I worked on a number of bits of art. Because I wanted to connect my drawing and my makeup, I decided to do a prints and patterns themed month, with every other look being inspired by one of my drawings (I had four to post!), but I decided to give away an original of the abstract window below, and I’ve also got that for pre-order on my store now.


I can’t believe I’m even writing a section on commissions (already!) but I’ve been asked to do a couple of commissions so I’m working on them too. I haven’t got a section for this on my Big Cartel just yet because I feel like I’m not worthy haha, but if you would really like a commission drop me an email (maria.nichol@yahoo.co.uk) and I will be more than happy to have a chat with you!

I want to just end this rather different blog post with a thank you. Over the years I’ve been able to do so much fun stuff thanks to people who follow and support me, and to hear that something I love doing (creating) is being liked by you guys really means a lot. There’s no better time to open a shop when I have zero funds and a hell of a lot of time on my hands. Wish me luck!


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