How To Change Your Hair Colour without Damage or Bleach

I am definitely patient zero when it comes to having coloured hair. I’ve gone through bleach after bleach, with every hair colour from green to grey, blonde to brown. Quarantine may seem like the best time to have a hair change, but the permanent measures may do a lot of damage in the long run. If you’re looking for a colour refresh, here are a few ways to treat yourself to new hair without the damage.

Use Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastel Spray

Live Colour Pastel Spray is my favourite for a quick burst of colour and it’s wash in wash out, which is great. Bear in mind, this is suited to mainly blonde hair – it won’t show up on dark hair!

The front of my hair is quite a vibrant yellow (from what was originally green) so I have some flexibility with colour. This week I decided to combine mint green with apricot sunrise.

You can read how I achieved ginger hair from blonde with their apricot sunrise variety here.

How to use:

  • Wash and towel dry the hair, before spraying in the product (be sure to put a towel around your shoulders or wear an old tee as this stuff drips!)
  • After covering your hair with the product, blow dry and voila!

Sprucing up my hair with spray in dye #hair #hairdye #egirl #fyp

♬ falling – pastaboof

Obviously how long the dye lasts depends on how long you leave before washing it again, and of course depending on what colour the base of your hair is, you may achieve different variations on the shades.

Lemon + Sunshine

There’s been some gorgeous sunny days lately, and if you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a balcony, why not try sitting outside and lightening your hair with a bit of lemon? Obviously results will vary here, but how does it work?

Basically heat opens up the cuticles in the hair, and the lemon juice acts as a lightening agent. Simple add the juice of a lemon to a spray bottle, with a teaspoon of oil (to stop the hair drying out).

Try Hair Chalk

If you have darker hair, hair chalk is a great option for a fun bit of colour. A lot of hair chalk kits come with combs now too for minimal mess, and it means you can try out a colour you’ve been wanting to commit to, just without the damage (or the commitment).

I also use simple coloured hairsprays too, my favourite is Colorsmash.

Cover Your Roots with EverPro’s Back to Blonde

Back when I had blonde hair (the good ol’ days) I really relied on some root touch up in between salon visits, so this is great if you have bleached hair and you don’t like your roots. B2B comes in powder or spray form, and comes in a range of shades too so you can match it up to your particular blonde.

You can read up on my full review here, but for a product that covers the roots within a couple of minutes, it’s really worth the investment.

ever pro beauty 7

Fake it with Wigs or Hair Pieces

My favourite way to try out different hair colours is to stick a wig on it! I’ve got a collection of over 20 wigs and lemme tell you, especially when you’re first starting out, you don’t need to get anything other than synthetic wigs, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

My favourite places to buy wigs are Annabelle’s Wigs and Aliexpress, and if you’ve got a non-lace front wig, just stick a hat on to cover your edges. Simplesss.

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* please note some of the items in this blog post were gifted, however all opinions as ever, are my own.

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