New year, new me! Ah how cliche, huh? But seriously, I used to be soooo cynical about making targets for myself because I always just assumed I would never be able to achieve them, or that I’d never look back at them, but they’re such a good idea. Why has it taken my little brain so much time to realise that it’s such a good idea?! *slaps wrist* Enough is enough guys, after successes and failures with my resolutions last year, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this year’s challenges!

To Pass My Driving Test
Wait- I’m pretty sure this was on last year’s list. Yes, yes it was (oops). I’m 27, which would have given me a lovely round 10 years to have started driving. I’m awful. After an accident on the road with my boyfriend a couple of years ago, I’ve been crippled with anxiety about getting behind the wheel- even though I was merely a passenger at the time, it’s always effected me.
I’m determined however that this year will be THE YEAR. No excuses gal.

To Visit Three New Places
So last year’s goal was to visit somewhere new after my constant repeated visits to Disneyland Paris and I did it, (YAY), seeing Budapest and part of the Scottish Highlands. This year I again want to see new places and really branch out. At the end of 2017 I got to see the beautiful Aberdeen, and this December I’m hoping to head to Australia (eep!) but I really want to book a couple of mini trips in between, places I’ve never been. Do let me know if you have any suggestions on the coolest places to go!

Shoes: ASOS
Choker: ASOS

To Read More
For an English Literature graduate, my book reading has been dire over the past year. 2018 will be the year when I write a book list, and actually READ ALL OF THEM. haha! I have a pile on my book shelf at the moment, and I’ll be making a wee list with everything I want to sink my teeth into this year.

To Watch More
This one sounds weird, because I do want to read more books as I feel like they exercise my tiny pea-brain somewhat, but I also put my passion for movies on the back burner last year. Whenever my family would take a trip to the cinema, I thought ” I have better things to do”, but with the close of 2017 and a catch up of the last 12 month’s movies I realised, WTF was I thinking? I LOVE MOVIES!! My plan is to make sure I log EVERY.SINGLE.ONE on my Letterboxd account- I can’t wait. If you don’t have Letterboxd, get it, it’s fabulous.
See More of London
When I rack up the years I’ve spent working in London compared to the time I’ve spent actually exploring it, it’s abysmal. I’m truly awful. I’ve worked here for approximately three and a half years and I’ve seen minimal amounts- I’ve always lived in Kent, and loved the peace and quiet and countryside, so after work everyday I kinda just scurry back to the suburbs. This year I’m vowing to be different in an attempt to actually get to know the city I’ve largely prejudged. If you have any recommendations of places to go, let me know!!


My Blogging Goals

Last year was the first year I really set myself social media goals and oh my goodness did it help. I totally recommend it. Simply write an (achievable hehe) target number you want to hit, and work towards it! I didn’t hit all my targets last year, but I feel like it really helped to try and work towards them for sure. For instance I wanted 8k on Instagram, but I got 7.5 and omg I’m so happy, especially considering I was on 1k in January!
To Write More of What I Love
If I’m honest, last year’s content was about feeling my way through the blogging community. I felt disillusioned a number of times, unable to really find my place. Although I still don’t really know my place I’ve decided to stop writing content I’m not a fan of. I’ve been so concentrated on trying to hit certain niches that I’ve lost sight of what I love. I LOVE Halloween and horror, but I don’t dress in all-black- I love pink, cutesy things and Disney bits too- and that’s okay. I think there’s a certain fear I won’t be liked or followed because of this and to be honest, I’m probably just being dumb about it.
So 2018 will be the year I shape my content how I REALLY WANT. I want to delve into films (especially the horror genre), I want to talk more about Disney, I want to be confident enough to talk about makeup and now that I work in the travel industry, I want to share my tips on holidays!


DRESS: Shein

To Take More Time on My Posts
I have this personality where I just love to tick things off lists. I don’t half arse things, but I like to get shit done. I’m not a perfectionist, and this is where I’m dying to improve. So my goal for this year, is to take more time with my blog posts. I have a tendency to want to create content left, right and centre, and with my full time job and other commitments, I’m not always able to pour as much love into them as I want to. Anyone else like this?
To Up My Photography Game
I might have a tripod, but that’s about it. I’m still kind of reluctant to jump on the Olympus Pen bandwaggon, but I do reaaaally want to invest in a snazzy backdrop and at least a good lens for 2018.
Actually Try and Make Friends
OMG I’m SO crap at making friends. I complain to Kayle ALL the time that I have no friends, but when it comes to it, it’s mainly my fault. I used to make an incredible amount of effort with people and it was never reciprocated so I gave up, and now I’m kind of the one not bothering. So this year I’m going to make a concerted effort (I promise). I am also pledging to not bother with those who aren’t interested – last year saw me start a few friendships that just kinda fizzled out, and weren’t worth it.


What are your new years resolutions?