This weekend has been A CORKER,and here’s why…

So I decided to have a little party to celebrate my birthday and of course my favourite time of the year-Halloween. Costume organised, party food packed into the fridge and decor galore, Saturday played host to a spookfest! I dressed as my favourite witch Winnie from Hocus Pocus, and had the opportunity to do my brother and friend LT’s makeup which was super fun.

birthday party 2


I kept the decor to a haunted house theme, so lots of black, ghostly images around. Blood splatters and cobwebs were complimented with anamatronic talking heads and ghostly women…

birthday party 7


Our punch brewed nicely in a giant eyeball next to a bubbling cauldron, and I even created a little photobooth-style area for selfies!

birthday party 8


After a number of games of beer pong, drinking and dancing ensued.

birthday party 1


birthday party 4

birthday party 12

birthday party 6

birthday party 9

birthday party 3

birthday party 10

birthday party 5

Did you celebrate Halloween?


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