Birthdays are great aren’t they?

Unplanned birthdays are also pretty bloody awesome too, and yesterday really exceeded everything I could have hoped for. Here’s what I got up to- scroll down to the bottom of the page to see my latest video- my birthday in 1 minute.

bday 4

In the morning Kayle woke me to give me his gift and I was so overwhelmed- he’d created and printed two images, one of them dedicated to my beaut kitty Pumpkin. HOW AMAZING IS THIS?!

bday 9

He also bought me these pretty hilarious boobies with nipple tassels, revealing that he’s taking me to a jazz/burlesque club next week- IM TOO EXCITED.

bday 3

I also got some fabulous Kat Von D bits as well as some Stranger Things Pop! figures which are getting me super excited for the second season today!

bday 12

Mid-late morning saw me, Kayle and my brother head out to a local pumpkin patch called Pumpkin Moon near Maidstone, which really exceeded my expectations- it was fab! We ended up getting 7 huge pumpkins, and we also explored their little maize maze which was awesome.

bday 13

bday 16

bday 15

bday 14

bday 7

bday 11

bday 6

I came home to a wonderful package from HEMA in the afternoon-they sent me some bits for my Halloween party- awesome candles, a bell jar and a beautiful picture frame too. I filled the bell jar with some dried rosesย as I thought this would be the perfect accompaniment to my new print!

bday 10

Cake cut and Hocus Pocus on, I spent the evening munching away and generally chilling!

bday 2

bday 1

bday 5


Watch My Birthday in 1 Minute:



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