I love me a good wreath, and with Hobby Craft selling the perfect templates to get you started, I thought I would try my hand at creating a couple for around the house!

halloween wreath 12

Read on for tips and tricks on how to personalise yours, as well as how to make my coffin ‘Home Sweet Home’ wreath and my Maleficent one too.

First of all, you’ll need to gather all your tools together!

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I got a polystyrene ring and a paint your own mask kit- these are a good base to start with. The mask you can get in most pound shops- I would just use acrylic paint to paint these as oppose to the ones which will come with the mask- they’re a little unpredictable!

halloween wreath 6

Paint your mask accordingly; if you’re going for a Maleficent look, keep it green, black purple. To make her horns, get some black card and fold it in half, before drawing one of the horns on- when you open it out after cutting you’ll have two nice, even shapes.

halloween wreath

While I left my mask to try, I turned my attention to the wreath. If you’re looking for something a little easier, I would paint the wreath all one colour and decorate with fabric- I painted green and purple stripes on mine but it did take a number of coats to get it looking tidy, so I would say this bit takes the longest! I dusted the purple stripes with glitter when I was finished painting which gave it a nice shimmer.

halloween wreath 3

Next up, it’s time to put all the pieces together! I used my handy glue gun (which was just £5 in Hobby Craft!) to stick the mask and horns to the wreath.

halloween wreath 4

And now to finish with some colour! Crepe paper is prevalent come Halloween time, and I have soooo much of it lying around, especially in orange. Black would also go well with this, but I cut strips of orange crepe and folded like a fan, before gathering and glue gunning together at one end and securing to the back of the wreath.

halloween wreath 7

And there we have it, the perfect Maleficent wreath for your door!

halloween wreath main 2



Some things are best when you wing them, right? I had lots of Halloween bits left over from other DIYs and I’d already got this cute cardboard coffin from Hobby Craft so I decided to make a skeleton-style wreath with a welcome sign.  Brown, orange and black were my foundation colours, and I used this wooden wreath and glittery pumpkins from Hobby Craft to start things off.

halloween wreath 10

Believe it or not, the cute tulle ring was actually a dog collar from Poundland! I cut the elastic and used the glue gun to stick it in an arc around the bottom half of the wreath. I then trimmed the wooden sticks that held the pumpkins to prep them for securing.

halloween wreath 2

Next up, painting time! I wanted to add more Halloween-esque colour so opted to paint my coffin purple, decorating with grey nails and handles, before gluing on glittery foam letters (you can get some here) to spell ‘Home Sweet Home’.

halloween wreath 5

I used plastic skeleton parts (here are some ones you can paint), and a skeleton I found in B&M as further decorations, and stuck them all on with a glue gun.

halloween wreath 8

And there we have it! A super cute Halloween wreath idea!

halloween wreath main

Thank you to Hobby Craft for sending me over a few bits to get creative with, I had so much fun!
* Part of these products were bought by me, a number of the Hobby Craft ones were gifted. My opinions on the products are of course, my own. 

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