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If you know me, you’ll know I love Halloween, and I love horror. Each year to celebrate the month of October I attempt to watch 31 horror movies, and do a write up of each one to let you know what I think of them. This year I really wanted to mix it up, and get you guys involved! I thought it would be a fab idea for you guys to do the challenge with me- I know there’s some horror fans amongst you…

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So, 31 movies in 31 days can seem a little daunting huh? Well don’t you worry guys and gals, there really is no pressure. Sign up to my newsletter here, and from there I’ll be emailing you a list of films on every Saturday of October starting 30th September of course, (all with the theme of women in horror). You can watch all, or just one, whichever you like! At the end of each week, I’ll be asking your opinions on the films, my fave quotes will feature in a weekly blog post or as part of my newsletter, along with link backs to your social media or blog!

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Don’t fancy emailing me? I’ll also be hosting a chat on Twitter each Sunday of October at 7pm (if I have enough people to join hehe), to talk about one of the particular movies there will be a spotlight on (I’ll highlight this in each email).

It’s super easy, there’s no commitment, feel free to give your opinion on any of the movies at any point in the week. Simply tweet me what you think and use the hashtag #hallowqueenclub and let’s get chatting about women in horror!



I’ve always had a massive fascination with women’s roles in horror films, and the emergence of female power within the genre has led me to veer more towards those kinds of movies. This October I’m rejecting the classic slashers and victimisation of women in search for dynamic, creepy female characters that lead with an air of charisma and ultimate domination.

If you’re into these types of movies too, or just intrigued as to what we’ll be watching, sign up HERE and you’ll receive your weekly film list at 1pm on:

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Saturday 30th September
Saturday 7th October
Saturday 14th October
Saturday 21st October

You’ll have all week to watch as many/little as you want, and if you feel strongly about any characters or films, you can tweet me including the #hallowqueenclub hashtag or email me. All quotes will link back to your social media, or blog, whichever you prefer!

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My newsletter won’t just be about this challenge, I’ll also be posting DIYs, make up tips, party advice and other Halloween-themed goodness, straight to that lovely inbox of yours! Sign up here.


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